10 Ways Birthmothers Can Encourage a Healthy Pregnancy

Having a healthy pregnancy

Every mother wants to ensure their child has the best life, and sometimes this means placing your child for adoption. As a birth mother, part of your responsibility to your child is ensuring the baby has the best start to their life possible by following best practices during your pregnancy. Below are 10 ways to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Enroll in Prenatal Clinics Early

You want your child to be born healthy, so it is prudent to start going to a clinic as soon as possible. This will help your obstetrician to keep track of the baby ensure your health. They will also be available for any potential issues that arise or if you have any complications to discuss.

Take Prenatal Supplements

Within the first trimester of pregnancy, there are a number of vitamin supplements that your obstetrician can suggest for you. These supplements contain folic acid and iron, which will help in the proper development of the baby.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

While pregnant, your diet should include proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins in healthy portions. This will help in the healthy development of the child. Your vitamin intake should also include calcium, which is important for bone development.

Take Care of Your Emotional and Mental Health

Pregnancy can come with a flood of emotions and mental gymnastics. These can be overwhelming. If not carefully watched, you could slip into depression. Talk to someone you trust, and express all your concerns about giving your child up for adoption and what you’re going through with your pregnancy. The adoption agency may have advocates available, or seek someone through your obstetrician.

Stop Taking Any Recreational Drugs

Do not do recreational drugs while pregnant. The reason is simply because drugs can expose you and your child to health complications that could last a lifetime.


You should also try to exercise while pregnant to help ease the delivery process. The exercise you choose doesn’t have to be high intensity. Take care of your body. Even short walks at a gentle pace is enough to move your body and help with circulation and avoid stiffness.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking has been associated with many pregnancy complications, including miscarriages. It’s important to avoid smoking for the sake of the child. This also includes second hand smoke.


Your body will experience fatigue when you’re pregnant, and there’s a reason why many doctors recommend bed rest when someone has a complicated pregnancy. Rest is important for you during pregnancy to maintain your health and that of the child. You should get as much sleep as possible.

Avoid Coffee

You need as much iron in your body as possible during pregnancy and coffee can make it difficult for your body to absorb iron. Coffee also stimulates your brain which is counterproductive if you’re supposed to get lots of rest.

Ask for Help

You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, even if it’s for small things. Pregnancy can be a difficult journey, but there are many avenues to explore for help. Your adoption agency and your physician will have all the tools necessary to advise you on how to receive the help you need.

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