How it All Began...

How did you decide to adopt a baby?

I was diagnosed with infertility. After trying IUI and IVF and being unsuccessful, I looked at adoption. There was nothing that I wanted more than to be a mother.

Why did you choose to work with Angel Adoption?

I read about them on the internet and read about the success stories they had. I was passionate about becoming a mother and knew that if I had an adoption professional broadening the search for me, I may have more success.

What were you most excited about?

I was just most excited about being chosen so that I could learn more about the expectant mother and meet my new little bundle.

What were you most nervous about?

In the beginning, I was nervous about not being chosen or not saying “the right things” on my profile. But then as I waited I became more nervous about being connected and how to interact with and what to say to the expectant mother when I finally got to meet her.

How did your friends and family react to your decision to adopt?

They have all been more than supportive through this whole journey. They mean more to me than anything and I could not have made it through the ups and downs of my journey without their love and support. We have an amazing village of family and friends. So much love.

What was it like meeting the expectant mother for the first time?

It was amazing. I had spoke with her many times and felt that we were close, but didn’t meet her until I got to Texas after the birth. It was amazing to finally meet the woman who would make the strongest decision to place her child with me. That was also the first time that I got to meet baby Carter. It was in the hospital room and it was the happiest time of my life so far.

Did you choose an open or closed adoption? How did you make that decision?

We went with a semi-open adoption. The birthmother chose this. She felt that meeting him in person down the road would be too difficult. We remain in contact via text and Facebook.

Describe receiving the call that your baby was being born and traveling to meet him.

The expectant mother was reluctant to go to the hospital, but I knew that she was going into labor, so I scheduled a flight for the next morning. When I landed at the airport and turned on my phone, she was dilated to 9cm already! I thought I would make it in time for the birth, but I missed it by less than a half-hour. It was so exciting and nerve-racking!

Describe the experience of finally meeting your baby.

It was more amazing than I ever thought. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. He is my perfect little guy.

What is your relationship like with the birthmother?

It’s absolutely great. We text once in a while and we are friends on Facebook to stay in touch with each other.

What were the biggest challenges of the adoption process?

Waiting. There were ups and downs with the possible other connections that fell through. That part was emotional. And the anticipation of his arrival was consuming. I think the thought of the birthmother changing her mind before she signed the final papers was also in the back of my mind until it was done.

Would you adopt again? Why or why not?

Absolutely. Even though it felt like the process took forever and there were ups and downs, finally having him in my arms is pure perfection. I know that I will be able to give this little guy so much love and a wonderful life.

Do you have any advice to share with other adoptive parents?

Keep pushing for something that means so much to you. Even though there are financial and emotional ups and downs you may go through, in the end when you are holding your new baby, there is nothing more important and it makes it all worth it.