How It All Began...

Time to Light the Fuse

We started our adoption journey with Angel some time in the summer. We had been doing our research on different adoption professionals and came across Angel Adoption and decided to set up a video chat with one of their staff. From the start, we both felt very comfortable, but we were stuck in a teeter-totter situation where we kept questioning whether to keep looking or commit to Angel. We both knew that if we kept looking, then we would never jump in and start the process. So we decided it was time to light the fuse and just go for it. “Let’s do it,” we said to one another, and so we did!

And So It Begins

We were filled with anxiety and fear at the beginning of our journey. We did not know when we would be parents; it could happen at any point. Knowing that we could get a call at any time was the thrill of our journey.

We did not have our first opportunity with an expectant mother until the first couple months of our contract. She and the birthfather were a younger couple in college. However, that did not pan out for us, and the next couple opportunities were similar. The first year was definitely disheartening for us, but we remained present and hopeful.

Over the Hump

Once we got over the one-year hump, things were looking up for us. We got chosen by a sweetheart of an expectant mother. She was really shy in the beginning, but with time, she started to trust us and opened up. She taught us how to play Fortnite, and we would help her with homework. While building a relationship with this expectant mother, another expectant mother wanted to get in contact with us, but we did not feel like we were the best fit for the second opportunity. We continued building on the relationship with the first expectant mother, but with sadness, she reached out to let us know she had miscarried. We really thought she was the one, so we were definitely in low spirits.

Sorry Not Sorry

One week after our discouraging disappointment, an expectant mother wanted to get in contact with us after seeing our profile. We were eager to start planning and doing our research. However, little did we know our future son, Liam, would be making an early appearance into the world. We were totally unprepared.

One day we were both out and about living our lives when we received a text from the expectant mother that her water had broken. Manny was in the office working, and Jeremy was out playing volleyball. In the middle of the game, he panicked and said, “Sorry, guys. I know I am going to leave you without enough players, but I have to go.”

We speedily drove to Target and shopped till we dropped. We spent money on everything we could think of that the baby would need. Luckily, we did not live too far from the expectant mother, so we were able to get to her in just a few short hours. We were in the hospital by the time our son was born. His birthmother and birthfather texted us when they were ready for us to meet him.

No Pressure

After they texted us, we were filled with emotion. From the beginning of our connection, we let her call the shots. We wanted to make her feel as comfortable as possible. We were on board with any type of communication she wanted through and after the adoption process. In the beginning, we both agreed on an open adoption. If the day ever came when our son would ask about his biological parents, we wanted to give him the option to meet them.

No Love Like Grandma’s

Our family and friends were a tremendous support throughout our journey. They were all extremely happy for us. Jeremy’s mom was the most excited about us adopting. His siblings did not want kids, so when she heard the news, she was ecstatic.

Jeremy’s parents were the first to meet Liam. They could not wait to meet him so they ended up driving to our hotel. The love from Jeremy’s mom was like no other. She was obsessed with Liam!

Picture Perfect

Being able to hold Liam in our arms was incredible. All we could do was just stare at him in disbelief and think how perfect he was and that he was ours. When his birthmother started calling Liam by his name, we started feeling confident this was going to end well. We had a great relationship with his birthmother. We felt like we were providing some stability in her life during the tribulations she was facing.

Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust

The best advice we can give to other parents is to just have faith, and it will happen. We had to go over our contract date, and we still were blessed with our son, Liam. What is meant to be will be. And if it is meant to be again, we definitely foresee another adoption in the near future.