How it all began...

Deciding on Adoption

As a single adoptive parent, my decision to adopt a baby was a deeply personal one, rooted in the belief that family is created through love and commitment rather than traditional norms. It was a path I had always known I would take, and my heart was open and ready.

I chose to work with Angel Adoption because their founders' own adoption journey spoke to me on a profound level. They understood the complexities and joys of this path because they had walked it themselves, making the agency more relatable and trustworthy.

Starting the adoption journey, I was filled with a sense of calm and steady anticipation. There weren't the emotional roller coasters others spoke of; instead, I felt an unwavering hope and determination.

The reactions of my friends and family were overwhelmingly supportive. They understood my desire to build a family based on love and connection rather than conforming to societal expectations. Their encouragement was my anchor during this life-altering process.

The Ups and Downs

My journey to parenthood was marked by both quick and challenging moments. After being connected with an expectant mother that didn't ultimately work out, I was presented with a new opportunity within 24 hours. This newfound path was both thrilling and demanding, and I navigated it with cautious optimism.

I chose an open adoption as I wanted to embrace transparency and maintain a connection with my child's birthmother. Texts and periodic updates became our way of staying connected, although the frequency dwindled over time. Still, the bond remained, and I cherished the moments we shared.

The Call

The moment I received the call that my baby was being born prematurely, I was gripped by a mixture of panic and joy. There was no time to lose, and I had to rush to the hospital, driving for hours with my heart pounding.

Meeting my baby for the first time was a profoundly emotional experience. He was fragile and tiny, connected to oxygen, but he was mine. I was overwhelmed with love, joy, and responsibility. I was allowed to name him, and I chose a name with deep meaning to me.

My relationship with my baby's birthmother was unique and beautiful. We instantly connected, and I felt her support and trust throughout our journey. Even as communication slowed, our connection remained strong.

Worth the Wait

The adoption process was not without its challenges, and the uncertainty of it all was particularly daunting. The waiting and not knowing when or how things would unfold could be mentally exhausting. But my patience and unwavering trust in the journey saw me through.

Coping with the length of the process involved faith in divine timing. I knew everything would come together when the universe deemed it right.

The question of whether I would adopt again is an easy one. Right now, I am savoring the precious moments and joys that my first adoption has brought into my life while embarking on my second journey to add to our family.

My advice to other single adoptive parents is to stay patient and let the journey unfold as it's meant to. Trust your instincts, rely on your support system, and never lose faith in the process. Single parenthood through adoption is a unique and beautiful journey filled with love, challenges, and profound joy.