How it all began...

Emotional Road to Adoption

The journey to becoming parents was not a straightforward one. It was marked by trials, uncertainties, and a whole lot of hope. It all began with our desire to start a family, a dream that felt out of reach due to infertility issues. But it was during this challenging period that we discovered the path of adoption, and it felt like a shining light guiding us toward our ultimate goal of parenthood.

As we embarked on this new path, close friends who had experienced the beautiful journey of adoption themselves recommended Angel Adoption as the company to work with. Knowing Angel was chosen based on the firsthand positive experience of trusted friends made it an easy decision for us. It felt like the right place to begin our adoption journey.

Telling Family

The emotions that swirled within us at the start of our adoption journey were a mixed bag: nervousness about the unknown mingled with a deep sense of hope and excitement. There was an underlying sense that this journey was unlike any we had ever taken, and we were equally eager and hesitant to see where it would lead us. Unlike the emotional roller coasters we'd heard about from others who had adopted, our own journey was surprisingly steady.

We decided to keep our adoption journey relatively private until our home study was successfully completed. At that point, we gathered our families and closest friends and shared our decision to adopt. Their reactions were a beautiful mix of enthusiasm and support, which strengthened our resolve and filled us with gratitude for the people we had by our side.

Roller Coaster Ride

Our journey to parenthood was far from linear. It was a roller coaster of anticipation, challenges, and heartbreak. The first time we were chosen by an expectant mother, it felt like a dream come true, but this dream took an unexpected turn when she later decided to parent, leaving us with heavy hearts. The following year and a half tested our patience as we encountered opportunities that ended without warning.

Then came the moments when we reached the connection phase with an expectant mother only for them to decide to raise their children. These moments were heart-wrenching, but our determination never wavered. Our hope carried us forward.

Finally a call came that changed our lives. An expectant mother's story resonated with us, and her baby was born just days after we first connected. It felt like a whirlwind, and while we couldn't help but remain cautious, the sense of rightness prevailed.

The Moment Our Lives Changed

The moment we received the call that our baby was being born was a whirlwind of emotions. At 3:30 a.m., a text informed us that the birthmother's water had broken. Panic and excitement gripped us, and we immediately began preparations for the journey to the hospital. With each update from the birthmother, we grew more anxious and concerned, not wanting to overwhelm her with questions as she made her way to the hospital.

The moment we finally met our baby was nothing short of magical. We had contacted the hospital ahead of our arrival, and the staff was ready to welcome us. Our precious child was placed in our arms, and the overwhelming joy and love we felt are indescribable.

Our relationship with our baby's birthmother is a unique one. Initially desiring a closed adoption, she later expressed her wish to receive occasional updates on the child's well-being. It's become a semi-open adoption, allowing us to share our baby's progress. Shortly after the birth, she wanted to meet us, and this emotional encounter deepened the connection we shared.

Dreams Come True

Waiting was, without a doubt, the greatest challenge in our adoption journey. The uncertainty of when our dream would come to fruition tested our patience and endurance.

To get through the wait, we chose to remain active and engaged. We found solace in connecting with the adoption community through social media. This network introduced us to other prospective adoptive parents from across the United States as they shared their experiences and offered support. The journey led us to start a blog, a platform where we documented our experiences and feelings. We intend to continue this blog as we look ahead to adopting once more.

The most important advice we can offer to other adoptive parents is never to give up. Despite the trying times and the emotional roller coaster of waiting and setbacks, it's crucial to hold on to your dream of building a family through adoption. The waiting and the trials are but a small part of the journey, and in the end, the reward of parenthood is beyond measure.