How it all began...

A Dream Come True

Before we got married, we discussed Erin’s childhood dream of adopting a child. It’s one of those lifelong callings she always felt. When we couldn’t have our own biological children, we understood why she had always felt drawn to adoption, so we jumped right in.

We researched everything we could on adoption and prayed to work with a partner we could trust. When we found Angel’s website from a Google search, Erin instinctively wanted to know this group of women behind Angel’s heartwarming website helping families like ours realize their adoption dreams. We reached out, and someone from Angel responded immediately. Since then, they’ve been there every step of the way for us.

Like a Dream

In the beginning, we expected to wait. In fact, we thought we might wait at least six months to a year based on some of the conversations we had with Angel and the adoption success stories we read. In the midst of our excitement, our profile was put online. Then, in just six days, we were connected with an expectant mother. We couldn’t believe it.

She was pretty late in her pregnancy when we connected with her, and she was expected to give birth just a few weeks after we made the connection. We didn’t ask her about the baby if she didn’t bring him up; we simply focused on her. She only wanted to text message, and we were okay with that. Letting her lead the way was the best decision we made.

An All-American Birth

Her due date was in the middle of July. On the Fourth of July, she mentioned that she was going to watch fireworks with her mother. Then she said, “By the way, I’m having contractions.” We put down the phone and immediately started to pack. We went into emergency mode trying to get to her despite the fact that it may have been a false alarm. Somehow we instinctively knew we had to be there.

Since she was early, there was no birth plan yet. We worried about what would happen, and we couldn’t reach anyone because it was a holiday. But when we called Angel, Sue picked up. She calmly told us that everything was going to be okay, and she was right. That day, she was our angel.

When we got to the hospital after two days of driving, Easton had already been born. The nurses brought him to us, but we were still in the mode of considering his birthmother’s feelings before our own. We sent Easton back with the nurses until we could speak to his birthmother and make sure she was okay with us seeing him.

An hour later, when the nurses brought him back to us, we were in both shock and awe. We simply stared at this perfect little human being. We were speechless. It’s a feeling we have never experienced before and aren’t able to describe fully. We were in love with him instantly.

Infinite Love to Give

After the adoption was finalized, we had a heart to heart with his birthmother. We wanted to make sure she was okay. We promised her we would always give him the best we possibly could. That included our dedication to our relationship with her. For a long time, she thought she wanted a semi-closed adoption. But through our natural progression of friendship, we now consider each other family. We’ve visited her family and the birthfather’s family with Easton, and he has received so much love from both our family and theirs.

This adoption changed three families’ lives. We didn’t expect to join our families in this way, but we’ve come to realize how much we’ve gained from having such a close relationship.

In the past few months, we’ve been talking a lot about adopting again. This time, our bar is set high, so we have more fear. Our perfect adoption with Easton gives us hope but, at the same time, has changed our expectations. We have to backtrack our emotions and make sure we will be realistic on this next journey.

For a long time, we couldn’t imagine we’d have enough love to give another child considering how full Easton has made our hearts. But now we know our hearts will continue to grow and our family is not yet complete.

To adoptive parents who are embarking on this path, don’t forget to enjoy the journey. We know not every adoption turns out so perfectly, but don’t let fear get in the way either. Let yourself get excited. Enjoy the process either way.