How it all began...

Destined to Be

We have a full family now, but it all started with our biological daughter. She’s older now, and we had trouble conceiving the second time around. We successfully adopted the first time, but this time, we were not sure whether we’d succeed in adopting. But we wanted to try anyway.

We partnered with Angel and found the price and the two-year contract was just right for us. We had this time limit in our mind that if we didn’t succeed in two years, two kids would be enough for us.

Disappointments Made Us Stronger

When we started the adoption process again, we were anxious and nervous. Our first adoption had been full of ups and downs. After that adoption, we tried to adopt the sibling of our first adopted child, and that experience left us emotionally exhausted.

The disappointment of that adoption was hard for us to recuperate from, but we couldn’t let that stop us from realizing our dream of having three kids. Our family members, who went through all the ups and downs with us, were a bit nervous when we wanted to adopt again. Our daughter was really affected by that disappointment too. We had to make sure she was okay with it before we started the process again.

When We Embraced Her

Our connection with an expectant mother came easily, and we set up a phone call. We connected with her on different levels. She mentioned she almost felt she became pregnant just to make the connection with us. We felt the same. It was a bit like we were destined to meet one another.

Throughout the pregnancy, we drove to meet her a couple of times. We hung out with her and really got to know her. She updated us on her pregnancy and all the appointments she had. For a while, we felt we were all pregnant, not just her. Even over text, we had a kind of intimate gender reveal moment. She said she’d text us a blue heart for a boy or a pink heart for a girl after her next appointment. It was great to share that moment with her. We both waited by the phone that day.

When she went into labor, we got the call in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve. We had two kids, so we had to call our parents to come over so we could leave. Immediately, we packed and drove 10 hours to her.

When we got there, she had already delivered. Then we proceeded to do all the paperwork for the adoption and taking care of Cyler. We functioned mostly on adrenaline. We also tried to not think about the possibility of her changing her mind. When we held him at the hospital, we fell in love, but we held back for fear of disappointment.

Feeling Content

When we finally got home, our feelings just came to the surface. In the comfort of our home, taking care of Cyler and watching our other two kids play with him was just so calm and peaceful. We couldn’t believe he was ours.

The adoption journey can be difficult, but it’s also a wonderful experience in its own way. If we’d given up after our first adoption, we would’ve never been able to experience the love we have for Cyler or for his birthmother.

Our family, with a mix of biological and adopted children, is really just like any other family. All of our children came from the same place of love. They are ours, and we are grateful to have them in our lives.