How it all began...

Looking Toward the Future

After 14 years of trying to start our family, God led us to adoption. Other than some professional experience in the field, adoption was brand new to us. We were excited to begin our journey and started researching our options. We felt supported by Angel in our first conversation with them. The unknowns lingered in nervous feelings, but Angel was proactive in helping us prepare what we needed. Our excitement outweighed the overwhelming amounts of paperwork and the home study process. We knew what was ahead and remained focused on our future child.

Everything fell into place perfectly. We spoke to our first expectant mother shortly after signing our contract. It lasted a few weeks and was a great learning experience. When we got the call about another expectant mother interested in our profile, we reached out immediately. We started off with a group text between us and the expectant mother and father. We hit it off right away. We had a lot in common and wanted the same thing for the baby. We spoke daily to build a strong foundation for our relationship.

Ready, Set, Go!

A few weeks later, the expectant mother attended her first prenatal care visit. She would be scheduled for an induction as soon as possible! Even though it was happening so quickly, we had no hesitations about proceeding. We arrived in her home state the day before she would be induced.

Brooke was honored to be in the delivery room with the expectant mother, and she allowed her to cut the umbilical cord. It was an incredibly positive experience we will never forget. Everyone was emotional at the hospital but in a good way. Tears were shed as we met our baby boy for the first time. God sent us our miracle, and everything felt right at that moment. The anticipation and fear of the unknown after the birth was a challenge, but we kept our faith in God’s plan for us. Everything worked out exactly how it was supposed to. Merritt was made for us, and his birthparents were meant to find us.

Blessed Beyond Words

We felt blessed to adopt in a short amount of time. Although our road to get there was long and hard, all those years of waiting were finally worth it. The support from our family and friends was unmatched. They helped us gather baby items we needed and continued to provide unconditional love and support once we brought Merritt home.

We are so thankful for Merritt’s birthparents. They chose us to love this child, and we will always honor them for that. We have kept in touch by sending pictures via text. The foundation we built with them before Merritt’s birth will continue to grow over the years. Everyone’s journey is unique and different. At times, It was hard to believe this would happen for us. We never lost faith that we would become parents, and we thank God every day for bringing Merritt into our lives.