Where Can Birthmothers Find Adoption Support?

When you first discover you are pregnant, you may feel like you are completely alone. Once deciding that you are placing your baby for adoption, you may feel even more alone. Some birthmothers decide to first talk to someone outside of their circle of family and friends about their pregnancy and decision to place their baby for adoption. No matter who you choose to speak to, it’s important that all birthmothers find support throughout their pregnancy and adoption journey.

Family and Friends:

We understand that not all birthmothers are armed with the support of family and friends when they make the decision to place a baby for adoption. You may have to look elsewhere for the support you need. Fortunately, many birthmothers do have family and friends to turn to during this difficult journey. Whether your family and friends are 100% on board with your decision or still teetering, you should be embracing their love now more than ever. Be prepared, as they might have many questions and various concerns about you and your baby. Share your own concerns, and also explain how you decided that adoption was the right choice. Finding acceptance from family and friends may take time, but in the end it comes down to you and what is best for your baby.

Your Adoption Coordinator:

Angel Adoption makes it a priority to be available to our birthmothers at all times. While we may not be a friend or family member, we do understand adoption and can offer support, guidance or just be there to listen. All of our adoption coordinators are experienced adoption professionals, and are truly dedicated to helping you make the best choices throughout your adoption process. Our door is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (877-264-3555)

Your Healthcare Provider:

Learning to trust your healthcare provider is an important part of the adoption process. He or she isn’t just there to make sure you and your baby are in good health. All medical professionals are open to hearing your thoughts and concerns about an unplanned pregnancy or decision to place a baby for adoption. Healthcare providers have a vast networking circle and could refer you to adoption coordinators, counselors or local adoption support groups.

Adoption Support Groups:

Support groups tailored specifically for birthmothers are available around the country. Ask your adoption coordinator about meetings or groups in your area. If you are not comfortable with in person support sessions, the Internet is also a great place to find support from other birthmothers. Even here you do not have to tell your story, but simply reading about other birthmother experiences is a way to find comfort and peace with your decision and the road ahead.
Finding support throughout your adoption journey can be comforting, reassuring and soothing. When working with Angel Adoption, you are never alone. Angel Adoption provides free counseling to all birthmothers. We are always accessible by phone and email, as well as a live online chat through our website. Should you ever need support, do not hesitate to contact us – we are always available to take your call.

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