Be Prepared: Gender-neutral Nursery Themes

Gender-Neutral Nursery ThemeA great way to prepare for your baby is by adding some personal touches to the nursery. Even if you don’t know the gender of your baby, a gender-neutral nursery theme can certainly still be fun and creative to design since you can let you imagination work.
Choose a theme, pick a color palette, then choose the accessories and furniture to round out space. Here is a list of gender-neutral nursery themes, you can use when decorating your baby’s nursery!
Animals, Letters & Numbers
This neutral theme is a great way to start. Frame some numbers and letters and hang them on the wall over the crib. Create your own art display with any assortment of letters and numbers in matching frames. For this theme, try colors like beige, white, pale yellow, green, or wood tones to open up space. Also, consider adding some decorative pieces from your childhood like old family photos or cherished toys and books. This way you can add some character and history to this gender-neutral nursery.
Go on a Safari
For this theme, colors like pale green and yellow are just perfect. You can add a monochromatic animal print wallpaper that would provide hours of visual stimulation for your baby. When you round this room with a nursery chair and a crib for your baby, you can add some details in the color of monochromatic print on the wall so everything makes sense. Don’t be afraid to add some accent colors like a colorful rug or picture frames.
Vintage and Modern
A color theme like gray and emerald combo is an invite to incorporate some modern and vintage details in your gender-neutral nursery. You can choose honeycomb print for one wall, and paint others emerald. If you don’t like the idea of a geometric wall, let the rug be a modern central piece. Vintage elements are easily incorporated into almost any design, but for a nursery think about some beautiful toys, a chandelier, or a crib with some retro elements.
Paper Cranes
Pops of colors go perfectly when paired with a more neutral color palette. You can paint the walls in one color, but open up space and hang colorful paper cranes from the ceiling. Not only do these small origami creatures bring luck, they also look elegant. Once you put them together you’ll see how magical this theme is for your child’s nursery.
Robin’s Egg Blue
If you’re not interested in having a definitive theme, you can focus on your color palette. This soothing, classic shade can add interest to a room without shouting for attention. It can be introduced in layers, and it’s perfect for both genders. This color pairs well with wood tones and other gender-neutral colors, like yellow and beige. Add some details to match this color, like a blanket, some wall art, or a nice wall border.

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