Angel Adoption Celebrates 15 Years in Business!

CARY, IL – Stepping into Angel Adoption, Inc, you aren’t entering a normal office environment. Instead, beyond the friendly faces and knowledgeable staff lies every parent’s dream of beginning – or adding to – their family. Covering the walls are framed photos of infants and children, and patches of Christmas and holiday cards. 2012 was a great year for Angel Adoption, and as we move further into 2013, they are happily celebrating 15 years in business.

So, what makes Angel Adoption so special? Founders and directors Sharon Ahmann and Carolyn Walker share a special connection with the adoption world. Both are mothers of three through domestic infant adoption, and understand the desire adoptive families have to be parents.
“It’s amazing the journey that people have to take to complete their adoption,” Sharon says. “how it’s meant to be – how it ends up and that it’s meant to be your child.”
What started as a small operation inside a home office, Angel Adoption has erupted into an extremely successful and reputable organization. They help countless families and individuals succeed in fulfilling their dream of adoption, and birthmothers find a loving home for their baby, all while maintaining their vision of offering the support and guidance needed to ensure a connection between a birthmother and family.
“We started this company to grow families and to help birthmothers find good families for their babies.”
Since the beginning in 1998, the goal of Angel Adoption has been to offer a comfortable and trustworthy environment – and more importantly – to keep the adoption process affordable.
“We did some research and realized that domestic infant adoption was extremely expensive,” Carolyn said. “And there wasn’t that one company out there that was affordable. So that’s what we set out to create.”
For many couples and individuals, the idea of adoption can seem like nothing more than a distant dream. After all, adoption of a baby is a complex process, full of emotion and financial considerations.
“A lot of people couldn’t fulfill their dreams because it was too expensive. And with our passion for adoption, we wanted to do something for these people.”
When entering the adoption process, every family has a budget – for advertising and what it’s going to cost them. Even amidst the rise of advertising and the internet, Angel Adoption does not exceed that budget, and stays true to their main focus of keeping the domestic adoption process affordable.
“We don’t overcharge for services, and our fees are a good $20,000 below other companies.” Sharon explained.
At Angel Adoption, success doesn’t only come in the form of helping parents grow their family. Assisting birthmothers in finding a family who is ready to provide a safe, loving, and stable environment is also a huge part, if not the heart of the organization.
The staff at Angel Adoption strives to set the bar high when it comes to the adoption process for birthmothers. From educating them on the adoption process and their choices, to setting them up with their own social worker, Angel Adoption works with both parties from start to finish. Better yet, Angel’s caring staff is available to chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
With all of the stresses and emotions that accompany adoption, one of the biggest messages Angel Adoption hopes to portray is that domestic infant adoption absolutely is possible – and their numbers prove it. Sending home a staggering 55-65 babies per year, Angel Adoption Inc has placed over 800 babies with loving families in the past 15 years. For a national adoption organization, that’s quite the feat.
Aside from sending numerous babies home each year, one of the most rewarding parts of working in the adoption industry is receiving updates on the children adopted through Angel. “Each month we have a handful of people come in,” Carolyn says. “That’s fun for the whole staff – they are our own little angels.”
When asked what their favorite part about their job is, the answer was simple.
“Hands down when babies go home,” they both gushed. “When we get that phone call from the family and hear their success story, it makes it all worth it.”
In 2013, the staff of Angel Adoption believes they can send 70 babies home with loving families.  After 15 successful years and creating a name for themselves as a trustworthy, reputable and genuine group of individuals passionate about adoption, that goal is in clear view.
“We want to give people a family,” Sharon says. “Their dreams are in our hands.”
Angel Adoption has come a long way in their 15 years of business. Whether you have adopted with Angel in the past, are currently working with them or hope to adopt in the future, please join them in the 15 year celebration while wishing them many more successful years ahead.
Press release written by Lauren Wille

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