Adoptions Across State Lines

Adoptive SiblingsEmbarking on the journey to adopt a child is an exciting one. It is also a journey that will require research, assistance, and patience. Below you will find some general information about domestic adoption and some things to consider before deciding which adoption route you plan to take. 

Finding a Child to Adopt

Once you have decided that you are going to adopt a child, it is time to find the right addition to your family. The main way that this can be done is through the adoption agency you are using. There are also avenues that you can go on that will help your adoption agency. You can let your friends and family members know that you are looking to adopt. You never know if someone in your family is aware of a child in need of adoption, locally or in another state. 

Another way to help your adoption agency is utilizing the government resources that are provided to you through your adoption agency. Through these resources, you may be able to learn about fostering or adoption social events. These events will help you to locate a child in need of adoption. 

Advertising and Adoption

Adoption advertising is generally defined as the public publication via print or electronic means about an interest in wanting to adopt a child. When it comes to advertising for a child for adoption, the laws differ in each state. There are many states where it is allowed, but also some states prohibit it. Before advertising the want of a child to adopt, you should contact your adoption agency to gather more legal information on the matter. 

In this situation, it is always better to be over-prepared than under because the law is heavily involved. However, if it is not legal to advertise in your state, advertising in neighboring states might be an option for you.

Adopting a Child Born in Another State

The process of adopting a child who lives in a different state than the adoptive parents is called an Out of State Adoption. In an out of state adoption, the adoption has to be approved by both states involved and it is the responsibility of the adoptive parents to reach out to the other state’s adoption agency. This can be done independently or through the use of an adoption agency who can help facilitate these interactions. 

When going forward with this type of adoption, the adoptive parents have to ensure that they are meeting all the adoption requirements for both states, as well as ICPC, or the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children. This is a nation-wide program that governs how children can legally be transported and adopted from one state to another. This requires a lot of moving pieces and the adoptive parents need to always be aware and involved in all that is occurring to ensure that their adoption process runs smoothly. Working with a skilled adoption lawyer can help make this process easier.

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