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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
Children: No
Location: TX
Religion: Catholic
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dear expectant mother

Dear Expectant Mother,

I feel very grateful for having the opportunity to communicate to you my desire to become the adoptive mother of the baby you are bringing into this world. When I think about you, two words come to my mind: courage and respect. I deeply feel how difficult this decision has been for you in identifying the option of adoption for your baby. I believe you have a lot of courage, and you have all my respect. I am sure that when you made this decision, you only thought about the wellbeing and the future of your baby.

If you choose me, I promise you with all of what I am that I will be taking care of your baby with love. I assure you that your baby will be raised in a healthy and safe environment. I will provide all they need to grow up to achieve all that they want. I will always be holding their hand, and I will always be there when they fail. It is my highest desire to fulfill your wish of finding the loveliest family that will properly take care of your child.

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About Me

I am a very loving person with high Christian and moral values. I am a social worker with 25 years of experience working with many different populations. I am very brave, and I like to be focused on my goals, allowing me to achieve many good things in my life. I also love everything about arts; I am a painter, and I am very talented in art-crafting and decoration. I enjoy gardening and working on home projects, and I love to cook and dance. Sometimes I like to go for adventures such as sky-diving, hiking, rafting, and riding horses. I like to travel, and I like to go to the beach and to swim. People describe me as very friendly and confident, empathetic, organized, peaceful, very friendly, a good communicator, very funny, and sympathetic. What better describes me in my relationships is my loyalty and respect for everyone and always being open to help others.

My Home & Pets

I live in a very safe neighborhood. I have a very good relationship with my neighbors. We have many schools, a zoo, water parks, shopping centers, and big malls. I love pets and have a Labradoole named Lola. She has been with me since she was nine weeks old; now she is four years old. She is the loveliest dog I have ever had. I also have two lovely birds: a cockatiel named Coqui and a Pacific parrot named Rita. Since I was very little, I’ve always had a pet with me. My foster kids enjoyed spending time with my pets as I taught them the love and care for animals.

My Extended Family

I am the fourth of five siblings. I have three brothers and one sister. We are very close to each other, and we support each other. My siblings are very excited about the idea of me becoming a mother. Unfortunately, both of my parents passed away some years ago due to chronic illnesses, but I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be with them until they were gone.

I have a big family from both sides, and we stay in communication often. My relationship with all my family members is very lovely. We like to spend time together cooking, eating, working on projects, or just being together watching TV and talking. We celebrate everything, especially our birthdays and Christmastime. We just like to be together and in communication.

What Led Me To Adoption

Having my own family has been my dream. I haven’t been able to have my own child, and adoption became my journey. I became a foster mother in 2017 with the hope of adopting a child. That journey was the most wonderful experience I ever had as I had the opportunity to experience what it is to be a mother and to take care of other’s children. Taking care of them and helping them achieve their milestones opened my eyes about the needs of many mothers and their babies. But now it is time for me to adopt and to have my own child. I know I will be a great mother to my child, providing a safe home environment, spiritual and moral values, and love.

Fun Facts

About Veronica
Occupation Clinical social worker, PhD
Education PhD Social Work
Race Hispanic
Favorite Hobby Painting, decorating, gardening
Favorite Sport Swimming
Favorite Music Group Sin Bandera, Camila
Favorite Book El Curso de Milagros
Favorite Subject in School History, philosophy
Favorite Activity Cooking
Favorite Tradition Christmas and birthdays gatherings
Dream Vacation Imalaya

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