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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
Children: No
Location: LA
Religion: Baptist
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dear expectant mother

Greetings from the bayou! I was born and raised in the South. In my hometown, we are known for our hospitality, great cuisine, and music festivals. I enjoy these positive aspects of my culture daily. I moved away for college, medical school, and residency. During these years, I focused on improving the health outcomes of underserved populations. I moved back home to serve the communities that supported me when I was a young, inquisitive child.

My decision to adopt stemmed from difficulty conceiving successfully via infertility specialists. I knew my journey to become a mom did not have to end after these failed pregnancy attempts. Your gift will allow me to be a mother. I know this is not an easy decision for you. It takes incredible bravery to place your child for adoption. So I thank you for allowing me to open my heart and home to care for this baby. I promise to love and protect this bundle of joy forever. While I will be a single mother, this child will grow up in a home without tangible wants or needs. I will be a nurturing mother because I was well nurtured by my mother and my community. This baby will be surrounded by positive people who support me and my decision to adopt.

Thank you for helping me complete my family and allowing me to be a part of yours.

About Me

When I was younger, my favorite pastimes were school, reading, and writing. I missed my teachers during school vacations. My closet was filled with Sweet Valley High books I read and the short stories I enjoyed writing. I sang in the choirs at church and school. I loved studying Spanish in school and was actually a Spanish teacher before pursuing a career in medicine. In high school and college, I enjoyed working with organizations that helped at-risk kids. I grew up in a single parent home that was loving and supportive. My mom was inspiring and always encouraged me. My upbringing allowed me to pursue freedom of thought and expression. I am now a physician who, unfortunately, doesn’t have as much time to voraciously read and write like I used to when I was younger. But, I am still an educator at heart who teaches medical students regularly. In my free time, I go to plays and music festivals with friends and family.

My Home & Pets

I live in the suburbs of a quaint city in the South. It is quiet and safe here. I have fantastic neighbors who know me and greet me and my dogs when we take our daily walks in the neighborhood. When I choose to go to the city, there are always fun cultural events happening, and I enjoy being able to drive in when I want to experience musical events, festivals, plays at the theater, football games, etc.

My Extended Family

My family support includes my mom, dad, brothers, aunts, uncles, nieces, godchildren, and cousins. Most of my family live about thirty minutes away in the bustling city. My favorite cousin actually lives with her family approximately ten minutes from my home. My family tries to have an annual family reunion so the oldest members of the family can be celebrated and the youngest members can get to know their relatives from all over the city.

I share NFL season tickets with one of my brothers, and we go to games together. I go on family vacations yearly with my family. We have traveled all over the USA and many other countries together. So far, our favorite travel spots as a family have been Gaitlinburg, Tennessee and Budapest, Hungary.

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I try to decorate my house so it looks like a Hallmark movie. (Although I’m still trying to get a Christmas tree in every room in the house!) I throw a Christmas party each year with tasty food and a great DJ for family, friends, and co-workers from the hospital. I encourage all guests to bring an unwrapped toy, and we donate these gifts to Toys for Tots.

What Led Me To Adoption

Before pursuing adoption, I tried for five years to get pregnant with infertility specialists. I did not have success. While that experience was difficult for me, I also knew my calling to become a mother might not include having a biological child. I have decided to pursue adoption because I’m ready to experience all the joys and even the chaos a baby will bring into my life. I want to share this love I have in my heart with a baby. I want to help them grow into the best human they can be. I also hope the journey of motherhood helps me become the best human I can be.

Fun Facts

About Shontell
Occupation Physician
Education Medical school
Race Black
Favorite Hobby Travel, Music, Reading
Favorite Movie The Color Purple
Favorite Sport Volleyball, Football
Favorite TV Show The Masked Singer, House Hunters
Favorite Book Black Ice
Favorite Subject in School Spanish
Favorite Tradition Annual Christmas party
Dream Vacation Hawaii

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