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Family Type: Traditional-Trans
Children: No
Location: IL
Religion: Christian

dear expectant mother

You do not know me, but I have waited my whole life to know you and this amazing new life. You are considering doing something incredibly noble by giving your child their best chance. I am deeply grateful that you would consider trusting me with the most important job in the world. I don’t intend to replace your family with mine. I would love to grow my family with your family and, if you are interested, create an opportunity for you to continue to be a part of our lives. At any level you’re comfortable.

I believe that I have the ability to give a child their best chance. Because I am fortunate enough to work from home, I will always be there to nurture and capture every moment. I have a close-knit community of supportive friends and family who would not hesitate to accept you and are excited to welcome this baby into the wold. My family and my friends all want to be a part of this experience.

I have a sense of wonder for the world that I want to share. I can't wait to know what things this child loves and to share in those new adventures as they grow. Above all else, I have the capacity and willingness to again risk loving someone so much that they will always be a part of my heart and soul.

Thank you for your consideration.

About Me

My name is Randy. I am a transwoman, but more importantly I am an Army veteran, a doctoral graduate, an author, a pet mom, an information security professional, and so much more. In my free time, I enjoy Disney movies, history, theme parks, escape rooms, fantasy, video games, running, board games, and line dancing. I love sharing those hobbies while attending, in cosplay, Renaissance Fairs and comic, video game, and sci-fi conventions. I am very fortunate that the type of work I do can be done from home or anywhere around the world. I take advantage of this to travel and see new places, people, and cultures. I have made the world my backyard. I have been all over the US and to Thailand, France, Nova Scotia, Montreal, Vancouver, and Germany. I would like to take a trip to Japan. I look forward to sharing that adventure and many others with a child.

My Home & Pets

I live in a home filled with opportunity. There are three open bedrooms, a large yard, and a basement where I can create adventures and blanket forts. Your child and I can go for walks and runs with my dogter, Faith, on the many sidewalks throughout the neighborhood. We can go to any of the neighborhood parks that each have large playsets. The local elementary school, which is rated among the top five in the state, is less than a half mile away. We can snuggle together with my kitten-cat, Yuuki, in front of the large windows with abundant sunshine. There is a natural history museum with an unbelievable T-Rex on display I still remember seeing for the first time when I was younger. There is so much opportunity within the community to share adventures together.

My Extended Family

I consider many of my friends to be family. I am considered an aunt to three kids in Texas, and whenever we are together, we cram into a photo booth for silly pictures. I am Ms. Randy to two, about to be three, kids in California whom I play board games with as a family whenever I am in town. I was there in Florida assisting with the delivery of my godson when he was born. I also have four uncles and untold numbers of cousins who all grew up in IL. I bought a large house so my family, friends, and parents would have a nice place to stay.

There are many traditions I keep alive, and I look forward to passing them on to my children—traditions like reading The Night Before Christmas every year and leaving cookies and milk out for Santa. I don't think Faith and Yuukie are fooled at all by where the cookies go in the middle of the night. As a military brat and military veteran, the 4th of July is another special holiday. Each year I try to find fireworks displays. While Faith is not distressed by the noise, she does not share my enthusiasm. These are only a few of the traditions I would love to start again with children of my own.

What Led Us To Adoption

In 2009 my daughter, Katherine Belle, was born. She was many weeks premature but had to be born due to complications. I was able to spend the next day with her in the NICU. When she grabbed my finger, the world stopped. However, she caught an infection the following day, and after many hours, she passed away. I think of her often and wonder about the kind of person she would have been. You will not have to wonder and can share in as much or as little as you’re comfortable with, so you can feel assured and confident you gave them their best chance. After 10 years, I’ve learned that while no one can ever replace her, I still have room in my heart to love someone that much again.

Fun Facts

About Randy
Occupation Information Security Manager
Education Ph.D.
Race Biracial
Favorite Movie The Lord of the Rings
Favorite Sport Football, Go Patriots!
Favorite Music Group Garth Brooks
Favorite TV Show Smallville
Favorite Book The Dark Tower
Favorite Activity 4th of July gathering
Favorite Animal Wolf
Dream Vacation Disney World Japan

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