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Family Type: Heterosexual Couple
Children: Yes
Location: IL
Religion: Non-denominational Christian
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dear expectant mother

Dear Expectant Mother,

We are so thankful to you for taking the time to get to know us. We are in awe of your strength, and we will support you in whatever decision you make. We know that in the end, it will be the best decision for you and your baby.

Words can’t describe how grateful we are to be considered as adoptive parents to another child. Our goals as parents are to create a loving and supportive environment, encourage exploration and hobbies, and maintain connection to culture and birthfamily. We value family time and making memories. We can’t wait to spend more sunny days at the park together, take trips to the pumpkin patch, and enjoy time with friends and family with another child.

If you choose us as the adoptive parents, we want you to know we are comfortable with any level of openness in our adoption. We are ready to follow your lead and understand that your needs in terms of openness may change from time to time. We are more than willing to go with the flow. We have been able to experience both the joy and grief of the adoption process with our son and his birthfamily and are prepared to support you in this process as well. We plan to support this baby in maintaining a connection to you throughout their life and making sure they know how strong and brave you are.

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About Us

We met in 2014 at a town festival, and after spending some time dating, we got engaged and were married in 2017. Our son, Asher, joined our family through an open adoption in November 2022. Since then, our lives have been full of love and laughter as a family of three. We are ready to grow our family through adoption again and can’t wait to share that love and laughter with another child. One of our hobbies together is music. We both grew up playing music and have continued to play music together in different community groups. We love exploring different types of music and listening to a variety in our home. Music has been important in our lives and something we have been able to share with Asher. Asher participates in an early childhood music class weekly. We are looking forward to sharing our love of music with another child someday.

Our Home & Pets

We moved into our four-bedroom home in the spring of 2020 and have been working hard to make it our own. We live in a friendly neighborhood in a wonderful school district. There is a newly renovated park just down the street from our home and several forest preserves nearby. The park has a playground, basketball courts, soccer nets, and baseball diamonds. We love going for walks through the neighborhood and taking Asher to the park. We often picture ourselves going to the park with another child, and our hearts feel full thinking about this. We have a thirteen-year-old miniature dachshund named Molly. She is great with kids and loves cuddling and playing with Asher. She is ready for another child to join our family!

Our Extended Family

Our family members include our parents, brothers, and sisters-in-law. We are fortunate to live within a 15-minute drive from both sides of our families. This allows us to see everyone for the big occasions, like birthdays and holidays, and the ordinary weekend barbeque. We love hosting our families and friends for holidays, celebrations, and game nights, and the dining room in our home has plenty of space for this. We also consider our friends to be our family and are lucky to have an amazing friend group nearby. Our family and friends adore Asher and are thrilled we are hoping to adopt another child.

We are lucky to be able to have such a great relationship with Asher’s birthfamily. We have been able to keep in touch regularly and had our first visit with Asher’s birthfamily right before his first birthday. We keep pictures of Asher’s birthfamily in our home and often show him the pictures and talk to him about them. Should you choose us as adoptive parents, we welcome the same open relationship with you.

Our Adoption Story

We decided to adopt again because we have always dreamed of having a larger family but had some fertility challenges along the way. The challenges we faced taught us how strong we are as a couple and how deep our desire to have a family is. We are so thankful we were given the opportunity to adopt Asher as a newborn and have loved being able to learn about his background to incorporate his culture and traditions into our lives. We have a wonderful relationship with Asher’s birthmom and grandparents. We have been able to keep in touch regularly. We are ready to grow our family again through adoption again and share these experiences with another child.

Fun Facts

About Rachel
Occupation Therapist
Education Master’s degree
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Peanut butter M&Ms
Favorite Movie Pretty in Pink
Favorite Holiday Christmas
Favorite Music Group Fall Out Boy
Favorite TV Show This Is Us
Favorite Book The Giver
Favorite Subject in School English/literature
Favorite Tradition Decorating for Christmas
About Ben
Occupation IT business analyst
Education Bachelor’s degree
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Pizza
Favorite Movie Marvel comic movies
Favorite Holiday Halloween
Favorite Music Group Blink-182
Favorite TV Show The Bear
Favorite Book The Time Machine
Favorite Subject in School History
Favorite Tradition Watching Halloween movies

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The home study process includes assessments of each parent’s character, marital stability, financial situation, lifestyle, and medical history. The agency also runs background checks to verify there is no record of criminal activity or child abuse. In addition, a social worker will inspect the family’s home to ensure it is a safe environment for a child.

Furthermore, Angel Adoption requires each family to be educated on adopting and parenting. After a baby has been placed with the adoptive family, a social worker will continue to monitor and supervise the family. We go to great lengths to make sure all the families you have to choose from are going to be excellent parents for your baby!

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