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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
Children: No
Location: ND
Religion: Christian/None
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dear expectant mother

Children are so precious. I promise to raise your child with integrity, commitment, support, a sense of boundless curiosity, and buckets of love and affection. Day-to-day life will be full of dog walks, game or movie nights, books read, and family conversations over dinner. My fondest childhood memories are of my mother reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to my brother and me. I cannot wait to do the same for your child. Games, theater, movies, and books all nurture imagination and wonder, and I want my home to be full of both.

As a professor, I believe in learning. I intend to create a thirst for knowledge and new experiences in your child. We’ll try many different hobbies. The first time I traveled to another country, it was a mind-altering experience. We’ll travel and experience many new peoples, places, and cultures (and puppies…many, many cute and funny puppies). When all of this is done, I don’t only want your child to be well-developed. I want them to be a good, responsible person. Understanding the different lives people live in the United States and around the world will help accomplish that goal.

About Me

I am curious, kind, dependable, loyal, and always open to new experiences. Whether it’s casual Friday with board games, pizza, and pop or a day at the museum topped off by dinner and a stage musical, I enjoy being with a good friend. My home and hearth are always open to my loved ones. I never have and never will turn family or friends away. I love learning and traveling to unique places. Luckily, being a scholar and sociology professor feeds both needs. It also teaches humility and an appreciation of human and cultural differences. Libraries are my safe place, so I changed my home into a shelter for books. I’m as happy letting my mind travel through fantasy worlds as I am traveling through Japan or Europe. I dream of someday sitting under my gazebo reading C.S. Lewis or J.K. Rowling to my much loved child.

My Home & Pets

Only a short distance from Canada, my home is spot-on for a winter wonderland. As one of the most livable cities in the United States, my community has good food, museums, and theaters. A vibrant downtown is the pride of locals, as are the low crime rate and high-quality schools. Groomed ski paths, riverside parks, and endless skies create beautiful countryside vistas. My precious fur-baby Mimosa is a silly flirt. She always begs for attention from the children playing in the park located a block from my house. On lazy days, we lounge about reading under my porch’s gazebo, play with my picture or logic puzzles, or work in my small herb garden.

My Extended Family

My family is God’s greatest gift to me. We find joy in day-to-day activities and each other’s company. My mother and I sew together while my sister knits or plays the harp. If blessed with a child, homemade stuffed toys, baby quilts, and knit booties will be everywhere. My mother and sister share in my love of musicals by joining me at the theater. At home, my friends play board games with me when I don’t want to go out. My brother and I enjoy the most common of pastimes: movies and popcorn. We also share a love of anime and manga. My extended family visits in the summer, and together we go to beaches and water parks to swim and fly kites.

We relish all the holidays. My favorite, Halloween, is a time for dress-up and icky, sticky pumpkin carving. A spooky movie marathon with friends is topped off by a night where we enjoy the parade of trick-or-treaters while munching on our hard-earned pumpkin seeds (the ones Mimosa doesn’t snitch). Christmas is for candlelight services, presents, cookie baking, and big feasts. On Thanksgiving, we watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and spend the afternoon with friends and family feasting and playing games.

What Led Me To Adoption

I always knew I wanted a child to love. After finding a job that strikes a good balance between joy and financial security, I know I’m finally in a good place to provide warmth, love, stability, and shelter to a child. I started my journey with fertility treatments, but that was not meant to be. Now I feel certain adoption is the path always meant for me. I am eager to offer a warm, loving, and supportive home filled with laughter, opportunity, and learning.

Fun Facts

About Pamela
Occupation Professor
Education Ph.D. Sociology
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Anything with pepperoni
Favorite Hobby Musical theater, reading
Favorite Movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, Labyrinth
Favorite Sport Dance, figure skating
Favorite Holiday Halloween
Favorite Music Group Stephen Soundheim
Favorite TV Show The Mandalorian (currently)
Favorite Book His Majesty’s Wizard (as a youth)
Favorite Subject in School History
Favorite Activity Board game night!
Favorite Tradition Halloween parties (Be someone fantastical!)
Favorite Animal Owls, foxes
Dream Vacation Tour world theaters with family

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