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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
Children: No
Location: VA
Religion: Christian - Catholic/None
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dear expectant mother

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile as you lovingly and selflessly plan what is best for your baby. Should adoption be the journey you choose, I hope for your peace of mind, free from uncertainty, comforted by the knowledge that your baby is thriving, deeply loved and cared for by someone who truly has your baby’s best interest at heart.

If selected, your child’s wellbeing will always be one of my most important priorities. I would offer a child unconditional love throughout his or her life as a teacher, mentor, friend, cheerleader and mother. I would provide your baby with a stable life filled with happy childhood memories like fun trips to Disneyland or the beach, baking Christmas cookies, reading bedtime stories, singing lullabies, fun arts and crafts.

Your child would always know how grateful I am to you. I would support any contact between you or his siblings that you feel comfortable with. Becoming a parent is a blessing, a privilege, and a life-long journey. It is as simple as saying “I love you” every day and encouraging thoughtfulness, respect, and kindness. It is as complex as teaching through example. I know I will grow and learn with my child and we will explore the world through travel, music, art, and the wonderful diversity that makes up the world around us.

Thank You again. I look forward to my adoption journey.

About Me

I have worked as a public servant in human resources and records for many years. Until my adulthood, my family lived mostly overseas. My father worked in the Foreign Service, and we lived where his work took him; moving made our family very close. We have many fond memories of our time overseas and still keep in touch with some of our former classmates and childhood neighbors, who remain lifetime friends. We occasionally see them when they visit the States. We grew up in a bilingual Spanish and English household. IIn my spare time, I enjoy caring for my beloved cats and attending our church-sponsored breakfasts after mass. I also enjoy cooking for my family and watching movies or going to the beach with them. We celebrate Thanksgiving by serving the traditional meal and Christmas by setting up the manger, hanging ornaments, and attending Mass.

My Home & Pets

I live in a quiet suburb near a bustling metropolitan hub. Our community is family-oriented with buildings constructed during the George Washington era of historic interest. I live with my mother and brother in a two-story 4-bedroom colonial house that sits atop a hill surrounded by an acre of garden and 75-foot trees. Sometimes it feels like the country because of the birds, squirrels, occasional fox or deer. We have gorgeous autumns and spring blossoms with ample space for a child to play. We have three cats that love their home.

Our neighborhood is safe with loving, caring neighbors of many years, many excellent schools and daycare centers. We are conveniently located near stores, a recreation center with a pool, two churches, and public transportation.

My Extended Family

I only saw my uncles occasionally so this baby is really lucky to have one right here. My brother, a lawyer, looks forward to becoming an uncle and would be a thoughtful mentor to a child, sharing his love of books and history. He is a great source of moral support.

My mother is a wonderful, loving mother and would make a wonderful grandmother too. She would love being called Nana and teaching a baby her native Spanish language.We are very fortunate to be part of a close, loving family network scattered throughout the US and overseas. Your child would be part of that support network. Though our extended family is not always able to gather for holidays, we meet for weddings or birthdays. I hope to travel with my child and introduce him or her to their cousins, sharing the positive ways of learning language and culture. Education is important for us. My late father stayed up late at night helping me with 7th grade chemistry. My mother and brother are avid readers. We hope to take advantage of our county’s excellent schools empowering a young adult to achieve his full potential, pursue his dreams.

What Led Me To Adoption

My plans to marry and have a family didn’t happen as I hoped, but I’m hopeful I can fulfill my dream of becoming a mother through adoption. I’m always happy for every opportunity to bounce one of my relatives’ new babies on my knee or play with the older kids at our family reunions. I’m waiting with open arms to welcome a baby into my home and life. It is very special that adoption can give me the incredible gift of a child and the immense joy of becoming a mother. I believe an adopted infant is a precious bundle of joy that comes as a gift from God. Love is what makes a family, not the genes.

Fun Facts

About Nancy
Occupation Civil Service
Education Master’s degree
Race Caucasian
Favorite Movie Doctor Zhivago
Favorite Holiday Christmas
Favorite Music Group Dionne Warwick
Favorite TV Show The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Favorite Book Les Misérables
Favorite Activity Cooking, watching movies, going to the beach
Favorite Animal Cats
Dream Vacation Disneyland

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