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Family Type: Heterosexual Couple
Children: No
Location: TX
Religion: Christian
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dear expectant mother

Dear Expectant Mother,

First and foremost, thank you. Thank you for your generosity, kindness, and courage. Thank you for considering us to be loving parents of your child. We know this decision is not an easy one. We will never be able to grasp the emotions you have gone through that led you here, but we will be eternally grateful. You are considering making the ultimate sacrifice for two complete strangers, an act that can only be described as miraculous. Your selflessness will go unmatched, and your bravery will forever be admired by us.

We want you to know, should you make our dream of becoming parents come true, your baby will be loved deeply and unflinchingly. We promise to always protect your baby, to always defend your baby, and to always be the parents your baby deserves. We promise to create memories filled with laughter, love, and kindness with your baby. We promise to provide for, nourish, and care for your child to the best of our abilities. Your baby will know love and will be our guiding light in every decision we make as a family from this moment forward.

We have dreamed of being parents for so long, and you could be making our dream a reality. The family we have always craved could begin and end with you. Please rest assured that your child will know your name and will always be reminded of your grace and love.

With love,
Preston and Meagan

About Us

We are Preston and Meagan! We met in 2016 when we both worked for a sports and outdoors store. We fell hard and fast and both knew we had met the person we were going to spend the rest of our lives with. Preston enjoys adventures outside, such as hiking, fishing, and camping; he also enjoys trivia and the occasional video game. Meagan loves reading, writing, and being outdoors. We share a passion for animals and hope to someday live on a large farm filled with cows, horses, and goats. Our normal day includes spending as much time together as possible, even if that means sitting on the couch all day watching our favorite Netflix shows. At least once a week, our family gets together to play board and card games. This may sound like a cliché, but we do everything together and can’t wait to become first-time parents!

Our Home & Pets

We live in a beautiful, quiet, clean, and safe apartment complex in East Texas. The apartment complex is located toward the end of town and is away from major roads. The community has walking trails and swimming pools and is home to all different types of families. We have two cats and two dogs. Babs is our oldest fur baby, who is a black and white tabby cat. Bonnie is a rescued four-year-old Maltese/shih tzu mix who loves howling with Meagan. Clyde is our cavalier spaniel, who was Meagan’s Christmas present in 2020. Finally, Little Chicken (yes, this is her real name) is our orange tabby rescued from the animal hospital Meagan works at as a veterinary technician.

Our Extended Family

We are both fortunate to be surrounded by such loving and supportive families! We spend a great deal of time with them, usually playing family-friendly games. We go on vacations together and spend most weekends with at least a few family members. Family means everything to us, and we wouldn’t be the people we are today if not for our families.

Preston has four siblings: one older brother who lives in Washington and one older sister and one younger brother who both live in the area. Preston was raised by his mother, father, and stepmother. Preston’s mother lives in the area, and his father and stepmother live in a nearby city. Preston’s family is large, with lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins he sees during the holidays and at the occasional birthday celebration.

Meagan has two siblings: an older sister who lives close by and a younger brother who lives in Oklahoma. Meagan’s mother lives with us, and Meagan’s father lives in a nearby city. Meagan’s family is also quite large, with family located all over Texas and Louisiana whom we see often for holidays and birthday celebrations.

What Led Us To Adoption

We are incredibly excited about starting our family, but unfortunately, it hasn’t come without trials and tribulations. Meagan suffers from PCOS and has been told that having children naturally would be nearly impossible. As a couple, we have watched Meagan’s sister battle with the same struggles. Whereas Meagan’s sister has decided to start infertility treatments, we have been called to adoption. We discussed adoption early on in our marriage, and as our relationship has grown, so has our excitement about the potential of growing our family through adoption. We have wanted to be parents for so long, and adoption has renewed our hope and passion about becoming parents.

Fun Facts

About Meagan
Occupation Veterinary technician
Education Bachelor’s in business management
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Fried pork chops
Favorite Hobby Reading
Favorite Movie Pride and Prejudice
Favorite Music Group Taylor Swift
Favorite TV Show Friends
Favorite Book The Best of Me
Favorite Tradition PJs on Christmas morning
Dream Vacation Whale watching in Alaska
About Preston
Occupation Equipment operator
Education High school diploma
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Pizza
Favorite Hobby Fishing
Favorite Movie Saving Private Ryan
Favorite Music Group Guns ‘N’ Roses
Favorite TV Show Impractical Jokers
Favorite Book War of the Worlds
Favorite Tradition Playing board games with family
Dream Vacation Australia

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As you browse our list of hopeful adoptive parents, you can feel confident in knowing that all of the adoptive families working with Angel Adoption are prepared to offer your baby a safe, stable, and loving environment along with a wealth of opportunities for a happy and fulfilling life.

Each adoptive parent has been thoroughly evaluated through a home study course conducted by a licensed agency. A completed home study means the family is emotionally, physically, and financially ready to adopt a baby.

The home study process includes assessments of each parent’s character, marital stability, financial situation, lifestyle, and medical history. The agency also runs background checks to verify there is no record of criminal activity or child abuse. In addition, a social worker will inspect the family’s home to ensure it is a safe environment for a child.

Furthermore, Angel Adoption requires each family to be educated on adopting and parenting. After a baby has been placed with the adoptive family, a social worker will continue to monitor and supervise the family. We go to great lengths to make sure all the families you have to choose from are going to be excellent parents for your baby!

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