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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
Children: No
Location: VA
Religion: Christian
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dear expectant mother

I want to thank you sincerely for your selfless act of love. I have tremendous respect for your journey. It takes great courage and strength to make such an important decision, and it shows the immense love you have for your child. It’s an honor to be considered and trusted with such a precious gift. I will forever be grateful to you for this blessing if you choose me.

May you always know the profound joy you have brought into this world. I assure you, if you choose me, this beautiful child will be loved beyond measure and cared for as long as I live. I hope my profile gives you a sense of who I am, the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE I will provide for a child, and a great sense of peace that your gift is treasured.

With a grateful heart,

About Me

I am originally from Florida and currently reside in northern Virginia. I have been in the Army since leaving high school, starting with serving in the National Guard while in college and being commissioned as a Signal Officer in 2002 when I came on active duty. My job has afforded me the opportunity to travel, explore other cultures, and meet people from all walks of life. Those experiences have shaped me, and I look forward to sharing the gift of travel with my future child. I make time to volunteer at church and my local homeless shelter whenever I have the opportunity. When I’m not spending time with family or working, I love to ski as well as attend music concerts, Broadway shows, sporting events, and art shows.

My Home

I live in a beautiful neighborhood that is close to just about everything you could want: shopping, parks, walking trails, restaurants, and the monuments of DC. The population is diverse, with children of all ages. There are playgrounds and parks within walking distance and nice paved trails to walk. My home is less than three years old. It's a two-story home with four bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, a full basement, and a fenced-in backyard. I have more than enough room for a child to grow up and family to visit. Additionally, I’m lucky to live just 10 minutes away from my best friend and 30 minutes from my cousin and her daughter.

My Extended Family

I grew up in a very tight-knit family where my grandparents were the pastors of our small family church. I still find comfort in attending church and look forward to sharing my faith to give my future child a similar foundation of family culture, faith community, and spiritual practice that I appreciate from my childhood. I’m by no means a “religious nut,” but I do believe in God and having a personal relationship with Him.

I’m extremely blessed that the Army has given me three additional sisters who always have my back no matter where we are in the world. These ladies have been my support system in almost every phase of my life.

My cousin and I were born two years apart. We spent most of our childhood growing up together and like sisters. We are very close and see each other every week. She and her husband adopted their sweet baby girl through Angel Adoption in 2021. I have the great honor to be her godmother, aka “TeTe,” and I spoil her rotten every chance I get. Her smile melts my heart. I can’t believe she will be two years old at the end of this year.

What Led Me To Adoption

Being a wife and mom is something I’ve always dreamed of. I love children, and growing up in a big family with my siblings and cousins makes me long to be a mother even more. I knew I would have a family of my own one day, but I never imagined it would be this hard or take so long. I unfortunately suffer from fibroids and I’m still single, so my options have been very limited. I always planned to have children naturally and adopt children, I’m so excited to start this journey! I can’t wait to welcome a baby into our family.

Fun Facts

About Maya
Occupation U.S. Army - Communications Officer
Education MBA
Race Black
Favorite Food Sweet potato pie
Favorite Hobby Skiing, musicals, Broadway shows, sporting events
Favorite Movie The Equalizer, Encanto
Favorite Holiday Christmas with nieces and nephews
Favorite Music Group Whitney Houston, Ledisi, Erica Campbell
Favorite TV Show The Golden Girls, FBI, anything Hallmark
Favorite Book The Light We Carry, Boundaries
Favorite Subject in School Band, chorus

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