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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
Children: No
Location: IL
Religion: Christian/None
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dear expectant mother

Dear Expectant Mother,

I am humbled and grateful you would consider me to raise your baby, which is truly a blessing beyond imagination. I would be honored and grateful to raise your child surrounded by the love, joy, peace, and security of my family and friends. Your baby will always be loved and feel a sense of security.

I am absolutely thrilled about the potential of teaching your baby many of my family traditions as well as journeying through the world together, creating new family traditions. I want to give your baby a well-rounded view of the world, from cooking my granny’s famous yeast rolls, family Easter egg hunts, and Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts to sharing my love of sports and the outdoors, gaining knowledge through the best education, being grounded in faith, giving back to those in need, and spending time with Grandma, Grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins, and a village of friends. We’ll cozy up around the house making my grandma’s cinnamon buns in our pajamas on a Saturday morning just before going to the park to play. I especially look forward to sharing the tradition of bedtime stories that my father would provide with such vivid imagination.

There are so many things I would like to pass on, and at the same time, I realize I will learn so many things from your child from what they will naturally gain from you. I am blessed to be considered to raise your gift, your child.

About Me

I am a high-energy, fun-loving person who LOVES her family and friends. My parents have been married for 55+ years, and with two brothers, I had no choice but to be a sports fanatic. I love to run, cycle, cozy up on a couch with a good book, catch a favorite TV show or movie, watch sports, and cook! I travel the world to experience different cultures and attend major sporting events. I am blessed to be employed as an executive for a Fortune 100 company, but that’s what I do, not who I am. I am thankful for the stability my position affords me, and I give back by volunteering. Most importantly, my values are grounded in my faith, family, giving, thankfulness, education, and perseverance.

My Home & Pets

My home is located in a very multicultural neighborhood that is surrounded by many parks, great schools, and a large body of water. I can’t wait to share the park with your child and my dog, Gabby. I spend time with my little people in my neighborhood with a multitude of activities: different sporting activities, walking trails, art studios, technology, volunteering, and many more. I have a room dedicated to a wonderful nursery overlooking the park. I love to cook, thus my kitchen tends to be the center of my home as my family and friends gather to enjoy each other’s company over a fabulous home-cooked meal. I am so excited to start making new natural baby foods to add to my collection of recipes.

My Extended Family

My village is a combination of relatives and friends (who are more like family). I have known them all for 20+ years, and they all live either within a five-minute walk, a 30-minute drive, or a couple of hours away via car or plane. We are there for each other at a moment’s notice. They keep praying and anxiously await the day I am able to introduce them to a new family member.

I am Auntie Leslie to my many little people, consisting of a host of nieces and nephews. We spend time together whether it’s sports or tea parties. My focus is education and volunteering, so they know Auntie Leslie provides fun learning gifts.

Holidays are the best! I sometimes have 50+ family and friends over, and we love, laugh, eat, and be merry! I hosted the Easter egg hunt in my park, which was a blast and ended up including neighborhood kids. We have so many family traditions to pass on, like annual family vacations, our Thanksgiving family feast, games played with a multitude of family and friends, and watching college football and the Super Bowl. And it’s not a family gathering without me making my grandmother’s famous yeast rolls.

What Led Me To Adoption

My journey with adoption starts with my Auntie Marie. She was my favorite aunt as she was so involved in our lives. She was adopted by my grandfather, which helped me understand at a very young age how beautifully adoption can grow a family. As an adult, I tried expanding my family by trying to conceive a child through fertility treatments. I then researched and embraced the gift of adoption. To say my village of family and friends are excited and supportive of me adopting is an understatement. They have been with me on this journey of motherhood for years and are thrilled about this purpose-filled journey of expanding my family. God continues to bestow blessings, enabling me to provide the best for my family.

Fun Facts

About Leslie
Occupation Human resources executive
Education Bachelor’s degree
Race African American
Favorite Hobby Running, spin, reading, cooking
Favorite Movie Love & Basketball, Pretty Woman, Love Jones, The Fugitive, The Shawshank Redemption
Favorite Sport Basketball, football, baseball, tennis
Favorite Music Group Earth, Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder
Favorite TV Show Black-ish, Grey’s Anatomy, General Hospital (thanks to my granny)
Favorite Book Between the World and Me, Drive
Favorite Animal Dog (Gabby)
Dream Vacation Cape Town, South Africa; safari; and Seychelles on the same trip

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