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Family Type: Traditional Couple
Children: No
Location: KS
Religion: Methodist

dear expectant mother

Love is quite simply amazing. We can’t possibly imagine what you are feeling as you read our profile, just as we can’t possibly convey what we are feeling as we write it, but there is one thing that we know: these pages, read or written, are full of love. It is that love that brings us together now.

If you feel called to choose us to parent your child, we will make sure that love is felt every second of every day: in every bedtime story, in every song, in every Christmas cookie, in every hike through the woods, in every game of fetch with the dog, in every card game played. We will support your child and guide him or her as they grow into their own unique self, sharing our passions and hobbies with them and learning about their passions and interests as they develop. We will inspire them to be the best individual they can be, and we will assure them they have been loved since long before they were born.

Thank you for reading through our profile and taking the time to learn more about us and our family. Most of all, thank you for considering us to raise your child. If you choose us to be the adoptive family for your child, we will always hold you in our hearts as the hero whose gift led to our family.

About Us

We grew up just twenty minutes from each other, Jackie in the suburbs and Kory surrounded by farmland. We first met in college, and of our ten years together, we have been happily married for seven. After receiving our undergraduate degrees, we spent four years in Illinois for graduate school before our love of family brought us back home to Kansas. Kory is a now a full-time engineer, and Jackie is a technical manager. Kory loves music - he even started college as a clarinet major - and can be found on the golf-course most weekends. Jackie loves nature and enjoys creating and expressing her creativity - she has published two children books and has sewn/knitted many clothes and toys in anticipation for our first child. Luckily, we both work for companies that have great work/life balance, allowing us to spend more time with each other and our families, doing those things we love.

Our Home & Pets

A few years ago, we found our dream home backed up to 10+ acres of woods owned by a neighboring church. Although we are in the middle of the suburbs, we’re afforded frequent views of deer, foxes, owls, and other wildlife from both our kitchen and deck. Our dog, Roxas, loves chasing butterflies in our backyard, and our two cats, Moose and Millie, are especially fond of “bird watching.” Our quiet neighborhood has a private park and jungle gym just a few minutes’ walk from our house, where neighborhood kids are constantly playing in the sandbox and swinging on the swings. The not-too-big, not-too-small city is filled with activities for kids that we are so excited to share with our future child.

Our Extended Family

There is nothing more important to us than family. Jackie’s immediate family all live within 20 minutes of our house, which means we get to see them quite often. Jackie and her mom are best friends and will do anything and everything together; in fact, they went on a mission to do 60 things together for her Mom’s 60th birthday last year. She also has an older brother who is married with a newborn daughter, who we love to watch grow; she is dangerously close to walking! Almost all of Jackie’s extended family live a couple hours or less away, and whenever we get together you can guarantee we will play cards and board games; there isn’t a family gathering without several rounds of the family staple card game, “Rook.”

Kory’s dad still lives in a neighboring town, while his mom, younger sister, aunts, uncles, and cousins live in surrounding states. Kory’s family is always happy to host us on our visits, whether we’re on a hiking adventure in the Rockies or just taking a quick road trip to visit.

Both of our extended families are just as excited as we are to start our family, and we can’t wait to share all the fun of baking long-standing family recipes, playing hours of cards, decorating hundreds of Christmas cookies, and going on summer family vacations together.

What Led Us To Adoption

The two of us have felt called to adopt for as long as we can remember, a feeling that has grown steadily stronger over time. Although we tried for a short time to have a biological child, we quickly realized that adoption was how we wanted to build our family and started the adoption process in early 2014 while in graduate school in Illinois. Although we were unsuccessful adopting in Illinois, we are more excited than ever to try again, surrounded by our family and friends in our hometown. We have seen firsthand how amazing adoption can be, as Kory’s mother was adopted and two of our best friends have fostered and adopted this past year, and we are so excited to see how our adoption journey unfolds.

Fun Facts

About Kory
Occupation Structural Engineer
Education Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Seafood
Favorite Sport Golf
Favorite Holiday Christmas
Favorite Music Group Breaking Benjamin
Favorite Book Lore of Running
Favorite Subject in School Math or Music
Favorite Activity Big Family Vacations
Favorite Tradition Anniversary Gift Theme
Favorite Animal Dog
About Jackie
Occupation Technical Lab Manager
Education Bachelor’s in Chemistry and Secondary Education, PhD in Chemistry
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Breakfast Food
Favorite Sport Running
Favorite Holiday Halloween
Favorite Music Group Dave Matthews Band
Favorite Book Where the Wild Things Are
Favorite Subject in School Science
Favorite Activity Big Family Vacations
Favorite Tradition Playing Cards
Favorite Animal Sand Cat

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