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Family Type: Heterosexual Couple
Children: No
Location: IL
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dear expectant mother

Dear Expectant Mother,

Thank you for taking the time to view our profile! We are filled with joy to even think of the possibility of you choosing us as the adoptive parents for your baby. We can’t begin to understand how difficult this may be for you. You are such a strong and brave woman. We wish the absolute best for you in life.

We are excited to start this journey, and if you choose us, we promise you we will give it our all. We will be everything your child needs. They will not only be loved by us but our entire family. Our family is the best support system we could ever ask for. They will drop everything to be there for us and will do the same for this baby. We can’t wait to do the things we love to do with them, like watching Disney movies, singing Disney songs, playing with our cats, visiting family, and traveling. Traveling is becoming something we really enjoy, so we can’t wait to share that with a child. We love seeing different places and experiencing new things.

Thank you for considering giving us the best gift we could ever ask for. We appreciate you.

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About Us

We are Donald and Kaylene! We actually knew each other in high school but were too nervous to talk to each other. A few years after we graduated, we connected on Facebook, and it progressed quickly from there! We’ve been together for five years and married for three of them. Donald works as a production technician, and Kaylene stays at home. We enjoy spending time with our families, traveling (especially to Disney World), going on golf cart rides around town, playing with our cats, and watching movies. Kaylene absolutely loves Disney. It is a huge part of not only our house but our lives. Donald loves to work on vehicles, whether it’s his own or belongs to his friends or family members. We are excited to share new experiences and grow our family!

Our Home & Pets

We live in a three-bedroom, one-bath house in a lovely, quiet neighborhood. We are two blocks away from a beautiful park. We are also only a few blocks away from Donald’s mother’s house, which is great because we love spending time with her. We live in a very quiet town and have amazing neighbors. Whenever we need something, they are always there to help. We also have two orange cats named Mushu and Cri-Kee (characters from Mulan). They love to play on their cat tower and chase the laser pointer. They also love to cuddle and sleep in our laps.

Our Extended Family

We have an amazing extended family! Our families are always there for us and love us unconditionally. Our parents are our biggest supporters in everything we do. They are super excited for us in our adoption journey and can’t wait to open their arms to their new grandchild. Kaylene has two siblings, whereas Donald has five! As of right now, we have three beautiful nieces.

We were both born and raised in Illinois. We currently live right down the street from Donald’s mother. The rest of our family is only thirty minutes or less from us, except for Kaylene’s parents; they live four hours away. Even though they live far away, we are always FaceTiming and visiting when we can. Kaylene is super close to her grandmother. Her grandmother loves to have her over and to make delicious meals together. They have a real special bond. Donald is really close to his brother; they are exactly a year apart to the date! He considers his brother his best friend. Our family is a big part of our lives, and we wouldn’t know what to do without them.

What Led Us To Adoption

Adoption is something we’ve both thought about for a long time. We both have family members and friends that are/have adopted. So, when we started trying for a baby and realized we were struggling with infertility, we knew adoption was the right route for us. Whether a child was biologically ours or not, our love for them wouldn’t be any different. We are excited to be on this journey and cannot wait to adopt!

Fun Facts

About Kaylene
Occupation Homemaker, future stay-at-home mom
Education Associate degree
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Taco bake
Favorite Hobby Collecting Disney items
Favorite Movie The Longest Ride
Favorite Sport Tennis
Favorite Holiday Halloween, Christmas
Favorite TV Show Vampire Diaries
Favorite Book The Host
Favorite Tradition Cutting our Christmas tree
Dream Vacation Disney World in Tokyo
About Donald
Occupation Production technician
Education Associate degree
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Homemade orange chicken
Favorite Hobby Yardwork, working on small engines
Favorite Movie The Choice
Favorite Sport Baseball
Favorite Holiday Thanksgiving, Christmas
Favorite TV Show Supernatural
Favorite Book Where the Red Fern Grows
Favorite Tradition Watching fireworks
Dream Vacation Hawaii

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