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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
Children: No
Location: IL
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dear expectant mother

I have spent so much time thinking about you lately. What a journey you’re on, and what a wonderful and admirable thing you’re considering. I’m sure that this process of adoption isn’t easy, and I can only imagine how challenging it must be to go through all the complexities of pregnancy. You’re very brave, and this choice is such a gift.

I will never know or understand what it is like to give birth, but I have waited my whole life to create a beautiful life and home for a child. I am committed to building a healthy, happy, loving, and stable home and to spending my life showing a child how to grow, learn, love, and experience life to its very fullest. I will teach them how to know and trust themselves and show them how big and interesting the world is. I will help them to be thoughtful, cultured, creative, and capable. More than anything, they will feel undeniable love and security every day of their life.

They will always know where they came from, in whatever way feels most comfortable to you. But no matter how you choose to be involved (or not), your child will know from day one that their birthmother was strong and brave and made the very best decision for them by selflessly making the choice of adoption.

About Me

I am a natural caretaker with a full and happy life. I love people—understanding what makes them tick and loving them through all life’s experiences. My friends and family are the most important thing to me, and I’ve built a beautiful community of kind, thoughtful, and interesting people who teach me, inspire me, and make me laugh. I’m highly empathetic and kind and find nothing more satisfying than making people smile. I’m intelligent and driven and have an incredible life. I’ve lived in Seattle, San Diego, New York City and am now in Chicago, a change that enabled me to leave my fast-paced, corporate job. I am now happily working for a local company which allows me to focus more on my life, my friends, and my family. I’m now in a perfect situation to begin focusing on creating a family of my own. I love to cook, be active, and read and am so ready for homemade baby food, walks with a stroller around the neighborhood, and storytime!

My Home & Pets

My amazing dog, Waldo, and I live in a central, lively neighborhood in the city, a perfect blend of energy and comfort. Conveniently located with easy access to stores, restaurants, and transportation, it is also filled with tree-lined streets, parks, and playgrounds. Farmers markets, street festivals, and activities happen year-round. The neighborhood is one of the best in the city and is full of families and things to do. Its location makes visiting museums, going to events, and hanging out on my boat in Lake Michigan easy. I live in a beautiful two-bedroom, two-bath condo with an open floor plan that is flooded with natural light and with multiple doors to access a huge outdoor space. I love walking my dog through my neighborhood and cannot wait to add a stroller and one day play at all the parks by my home!

My Extended Family

My family is pretty much the definition of untraditional and is spread out around the country, but it is filled with some of the most wonderful people on the planet. My mom lives in a small town in Minnesota with her partner, not far from her two grown, adopted daughters. My dad is in Northern California, and my brother is still in the Seattle area where we grew up. I’m very close with my nephew, who is 16 and loves his visits to Aunt Katie’s.

I’m a huge believer in the “family you choose” and have been incredibly blessed to have such awesome friends who have become my family. We are tight knit and incredibly supportive, and we have a ton of fun. We make a point of gathering frequently and celebrating even the most insignificant holidays. This amazing group of friends and family is thrilled with my decision to adopt, and we cannot wait to include a child in our fun and happy lives!

What Led Me To Adoption

I’ve always known I am meant to be a mother, but the timing was never right. Now it is time to build a family, and adoption feels like the only right answer. I’ve learned a lot about the power of “the family you choose” in life and providing a baby with a healthy, loving, happy home feels like the greatest possible gift. As the African proverb says, “It takes a village,” and my community eliminates any concern I may have had about pursuing single motherhood. I have been affirmed enthusiastically by all that this is the perfect choice for me and that I’ll be an amazing parent; they cannot wait to be involved.

Fun Facts

About Katie
Occupation Executive in Furniture Industry
Education Bachelor of Arts in Business
Race Caucasian
Favorite Hobby Cooking
Favorite Movie When Harry Met Sally
Favorite Sport Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bulls
Favorite Music Group Rüfüs du Sol, Deathcab for Cutie
Favorite TV Show Ted Lasso, Schitt’s Creek
Favorite Book Untamed by Glennon Doyle
Favorite Tradition Pajama Claus at Christmas
Dream Vacation Greek Isles

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