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Family Type: Traditional Couple
Children: Yes
Location: CO
Religion: Christian

dear expectant mother

It is a challenge to convey emotions through words so as to express what we are feeling about the adoption process and reaching out to you, but we will try. We would be most honored to be considered the adoptive parents for your child. We know this decision is a difficult one, and we want you to know we admire your selflessness, strength, and courage in considering an adoption plan for your precious baby. Raising your child is not a responsibility to be taken lightly, and not a day would pass, should you choose us, that we wouldn’t be grateful.

If you choose us, we would like your child to know about his or her mother. Your child will know what an amazing Mom you are and the love you have for him or her.

We look forward to what a new child will add to our lives: more love, laughter, adventure, and wonderful memories. If you choose us, we will raise your baby with encouragement, adventure, honesty, creativity, and unconditional love. Your child will also experience safety and security and will be given the support to pursue his or her dreams and passions. Your child will be enveloped into a family where he or she will be adored by us and a loving big brother. We long for another child to love and expand our family. We are ever so hopeful and extremely excited about welcoming a new baby into our hearts and home.

About Us

Katherine is outgoing, honest, and caring. She enjoys discovering new music, new songs, singing, going to concerts, going to the theatre, planning weekend adventures, and traveling. Katherine works in cyber security engineering as a government contractor. Mike is laid-back and funny. He enjoys playing guitar, fishing, racing RC Trucks, and playing trivia. Mike is an IT Analyst for a government contractor. We are both NFL fans.

We met in June 2001 through mutual friends. We had so much in common and totally hit it off. We got married in 2005, and our son, Ethan, was born in 2015. Ethan is such a loving and funny boy. We love to travel and experience new cultures and countries. We look forward to sharing these simple joys in life as our family grows.

Our Home & Pets

Our home is in a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood where you will often see neighborhood kids playing together outside. We are surrounded by parks, trails, and family activities. We are also not too far from museums, the aquarium, and the zoo. We own a home with a three-car garage, three bedrooms, and a finished basement.

Our two dogs, Sven and Izzy, love running and playing in our very large yard. The school district in which we live is one of the best in the state. Though we do get some snow throughout the year, we live where the sun shines 300 days out of the year.

Our Extended Family

Katherine has one younger sister. Her sister and her husband and their son come to visit at least once a year. We spend time with Katherine’s father and his wife every month. We spend time weekly with Katherine’s mom doing fun things like bowling, going to the aquarium, or playing at the park.

Mike has two siblings, both younger than he. We see Mike’s sister and her husband and their daughter quite often. Mike’s parents encourage family get-togethers by celebrating birthdays and holidays together. The adults often like to play Yahtzee while the kiddos play in the next room. We typically celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with both sets of families.

What Led Us To Adoption

We struggled with infertility for many years before pursuing fertility treatments. We had one successful treatment which led to the birth of our son. We pursued three more rounds of fertility treatments, which all ended in heartbreak. The heartbreak we feel from these failed procedures is what led us to make the exciting decision to adopt. We both want to grow our family. We have so much love to give and would like the opportunity to shower another child with our love. Ethan can’t wait to be a big brother!

Fun Facts

About Katherine
Occupation Information Assurance Engineer
Education Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
Race Caucasian
Favorite Hobby Singing
Favorite Movie Sixteen Candles/Why Him/Pride and Prejudice/Bridesmaids
Favorite Holiday Fourth of July
Favorite Music Group Goo Goo Dolls/Daughtry/Maroon 5/Ed Sheeran/98 Degrees/New Kids On The Block/Andrea Bocelli/Garth Brooks/Gareth Emery
Favorite TV Show This Is Us/Timeless/Game Of Thrones/The Brave
Favorite Activity Vacation at the Beach
Favorite Animal Dog
Dream Vacation Bora Bora
About Mike
Occupation IT Analyst
Education Bachelor of Arts in Computer Information Systems
Race Caucasian
Favorite Hobby Playing Guitar
Favorite Movie Drive/Pulp Fiction
Favorite Holiday Christmas
Favorite Music Group Metallica/Megadeth/Pantera/Yo-Yo Ma/DJ Snake
Favorite TV Show Blacklist
Favorite Activity Vacation
Favorite Animal Dog
Dream Vacation Europe

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Choose a Family for
Your Baby With Confidence

As you browse our list of hopeful adoptive parents, you can feel confident in knowing that all of the adoptive families working with Angel Adoption are prepared to offer your baby a safe, stable, and loving environment along with a wealth of opportunities for a happy and fulfilling life.

Each adoptive parent has been thoroughly evaluated through a home study course conducted by a licensed agency. A completed home study means the family is emotionally, physically, and financially ready to adopt a baby.

The home study process includes assessments of each parent’s character, marital stability, financial situation, lifestyle, and medical history. The agency also runs background checks to verify there is no record of criminal activity or child abuse. In addition, a social worker will inspect the family’s home to ensure it is a safe environment for a child.

Furthermore, Angel Adoption requires each family to be educated on adopting and parenting. After a baby has been placed with the adoptive family, a social worker will continue to monitor and supervise the family. We go to great lengths to make sure all the families you have to choose from are going to be excellent parents for your baby!

Not sure how to start? See our How to Choose an Adoptive Family resource page.
If you need more help, you’re always welcome to contact us any time!

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