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Family Type: Heterosexual Couple
Children: Yes
Location: IL
Religion: Catholic/Baptist
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dear expectant mother

First, let us thank you for your courage, your grace, and the inner strength you have that has brought you to read our profile and consider an adoption plan. We are so grateful you have taken the time to learn about us and our unique backgrounds. Although we don’t know all you are going through during this process, we want you to know we are incredibly blessed and humbled to be considered as part of this journey with you. Whatever choices you make will always be the best decision for you, and we respect and admire you for those choices.

It is amazing this little person already has the love and support of so many people they haven’t even met yet. If you choose to take this next step with us, we look forward to sharing our unique and diverse backgrounds we’ve inherited from both sides of our families. We hope to teach him or her the beauty of this experience and for them to cherish the gifts you have given them as well as appreciate all we are able to teach and provide them. Most of all, we hope to surround them with our patience, our love, and our gentle encouragement as we navigate life together as one big, blended family.

Thank you again for considering us as parents. We would forever treasure this amazing gift and honor your role in his or her life. We know nothing about this process is easy and wish you only the best in your decisions.

About Us

We are Julie and Lanier. We met when Julie took a corporate finance job a few years after graduation and Lanier was in facilities/engineering at the same location. Julie is an open book. She laughs easily, works hard, and enjoys spending time outside, gardening, and reading. As they say, opposites attract! Lanier is definitely the more serious, grounded, and studious one, spending seven years in the Navy and 20+ years in electrical engineering. He has two adult boys from his first marriage, and we have a nine-year-old son together. Although we have differing personalities, we complement one another in every way and share common goals with a strong love and commitment to our family and friends. We both enjoy grilling, baking, and spending time outdoors. We also love watching college and professional sports as well as attending our son’s sporting events in the community.

Our Home & Pets

Our home is located in the far outer suburbs of a large city. It has the charm of a small town but the advantages of city living with great shopping, restaurants, and even a drive-in movie theater. Our subdivision also sits directly across from the local elementary school. Many families with children live in our neighborhood and play together after school. As for our family home, we have a four-bedroom house on two acres that has a backyard playset, sand pit, and patio. Our circle subdivision allows for golf-cart driving and lazy summer evenings. It also connects up to a large bike trail stretching across the state. We love our little community and are very fortunate to live in such a safe, friendly neighborhood.

Our Extended Family

We both had loving homes we grew up in with large extended families. Julie grew up in the North in a large Catholic family with four sisters who were her best friends. That friendship and bond continues today with annual sister trips and weekend get-aways with the kids to the lake. Julie also has seven aunts and uncles and ten cousins. Lanier grew up in the South in a Baptist family and had one sister. His immediate family was small, but with 17 aunts and uncles, he grew up with many first cousins! He enjoyed fishing and all things outdoors with his cousins. Thanksgiving was always a special holiday with traditional Southern recipes, from greens and chitlins to baked macaroni and cheese. Lanier enjoys cooking big family meals still today.

Both of us enjoyed large family dinner get-togethers and summers filled with swimming, boating, fishing, and four-wheeling. Now, as the families have gotten older, we attend the sporting events of our ten nieces and nephews and go on annual vacations together. We truly enjoy sharing the laughter and making memories all together. Having the love and support of a large family is truly a blessing!

What Led Us To Adoption

We always thought we would have more children together, but biologically, it wasn’t meant to be. Despite not being able to have more biological children, we would love the opportunity to provide a safe, loving home and future to a child. We’ve grown together through the years as a couple and are strong in our love and our future. We have also had the fortune of success in our respective careers, which has prepared us not only financially but in our maturity and place in life. We have lots of love in our hearts and in our lives to give to another child and hope and pray we are given the opportunity to do so!

Fun Facts

About Julie
Occupation Finance director
Education B.S. in Finance
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Mexican
Favorite Hobby Watching sports, outdoor activities
Favorite Movie Last of the Mohicans
Favorite Sport Volleyball, softball, football
Favorite TV Show The Last Kingdom
Favorite Book To Kill a Mockingbird
Favorite Subject in School Math
Favorite Tradition Summer vacations
About Lanier
Occupation Stay-at-home dad
Education B.S. in Electrical Engineering
Race African American
Favorite Food Meat & potatoes
Favorite Hobby Watching classic movies
Favorite Movie Casablanca
Favorite Sport Football, basketball
Favorite TV Show Modern Family
Favorite Book Thinner
Favorite Subject in School Science
Favorite Tradition Barbecue

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