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Family Type: Traditional Couple
Children: No
Location: PA
Religion: Episcopalian
Preferred Gender: No Preference
Preferred Race: Caucasian

Dear Birthmom

We understand that this is a very difficult time for you with many decisions you have to make for your baby and yourself. Please know if you choose us, your child will not only have unconditional love from us but a big extended family, already so excited for their arrival. We have been supported by our families our whole lives and were taught the importance of perseverance, happiness, and faith. We hope to pass these values and more onto your little darling. Your child will be part of nightly family dinners around a table and will be told “g’night, love ya, see ya in the mornin” each night before bed with a kiss and squeeze, a family tradition started by Carla’s dad.

Our home is filled with love, a love we hope to share with a child. We have kid-friendly holiday parties, bonfires, nail night and cookouts on a regular basis. Our home is the place where friends and family congregate and we have so many toys that our home looks like we are already parents. Please consider giving us the greatest gift we could ever receive. We will always be sure to tell your story (if you approve) and instill a sense of appreciation for you in your child. After all, you are our miracle.

About Us

We met in college while John was pursuing his Bachelor in Criminal Justice and I, my Masters in School Counseling. We dated for 5 years and were married in 2013. John is a Corrections Counselor and is enjoying a first shift schedule with weekends and holidays off. I work as a nanny for siblings ages 5 and 2½, having started when the first was 6 weeks old. We love to spend time together, hosting parties and bonfires, staying at different Bed & Breakfasts, and attending major league baseball games. John also plays rugby, and Carla will typically have girlfriends over for “nail night” on these evenings. We have tons of toys and our friend’s and family’s kids come over often to play. Carla also spends much of her free time tending to our vegetable and flower gardens.

Our Home & Pets

We live on a dead-end road with about 20 houses on it, which boasts an annual block party we love to help organize. We live in a 3-bedroom and 1½ bath ranch style home with a finished basement. It was my grandparent’s house and holds special meaning to us. Our deck overlooks a nice backyard with a clothesline, hammock, and tumbling composter. In the summer, the huge clematis plant covers a corner of the porch. The front yard is also landscaped, courtesy of Carla’s green thumb. Our pets, Tippecanoe and October, love spending time outdoors. The dog is trained to stay in the yard, and the cat goes out daily on a leash, weather permitting. Both are great with kids and have been around infants. The boys both know a few tricks and love to work for treats.

Our Extended Family

Carla and her sister are very close even though she lives out of state with her husband. Fortunately, we live just five minutes from Carla’s parents and we visit at least once a week. John’s parents and his sister, her husband, and two daughters all live 45 minutes away and we visit once a month. John also has 2 more brothers, both of whom are married, with children. We get together with additional extended family on both sides regularly, for reunions, holidays, or other informal gatherings. We attend sporting events and musicals to support cousins who are still in high school. John and his brothers go on a golf outing together once a year, and fit more in whenever they can. The ladies enjoy going to musicals, museums and festivals. Our family is just that; one big family, where both “his” and “hers” have melded into one.

What Led Us To Adoption

To us, having a child is an important part in defining a family and we have this deep desire to love and care for a child of our own. We have so much to teach and really want to continue our family tree with our own little loves. We have struggled with infertility for 2 ½ years, after waiting a year before trying to conceive at the beginning of our marriage. When we were first dating, we discussed having a family and specifically, adoption. Adoption was on the table right from the start since we have seen such great things come from the adoption of Carla’s cousins. Our extended family is very supportive of our decision. The hardest part of this journey is not knowing if you will ever get to hold a child or children of your own in your arms. Hopefully you can help us achieve our greatest wish.

Fun Facts

About John
Occupation Corrections Counselor
Education Bachelors Degree - Criminal Justice
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Roasted turkey with the fixings
Favorite Movie Tombstone
Favorite Holiday 4th of July - BBQ’s and Fireworks
Favorite Music Group Garth Brooks - I grew up with country music
Favorite TV Show Psych
Favorite Subject in School History
Favorite Activity Holiday gatherings
Dream Vacation Australia- Watch Wallabies & visit world class beaches
About Carla
Occupation Nanny
Education Masters Degree - School Counseling Bachelors Degree - Psychology & Education
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Stuffed cabbage rolls, pierogis, & halsuhki
Favorite Movie Moulin Rouge
Favorite Holiday Halloween - we have a huge party
Favorite Music Group Brooks & Dunn - I love going to country music concerts
Favorite TV Show Friends
Favorite Subject in School English
Favorite Activity Drive in theatre or tailgating at baseball games
Dream Vacation Belize - Lay in hammocks, go tubing, hiking in the rainforest & snorkeling

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As you browse our list of hopeful adoptive parents, you can feel confident in knowing that all of the adoptive families working with Angel Adoption are prepared to offer your baby a safe, stable, and loving environment along with a wealth of opportunities for a happy and fulfilling life.

Each adoptive parent has been thoroughly evaluated through a home study course conducted by a licensed agency. A completed home study means the family is emotionally, physically, and financially ready to adopt a baby.

The home study process includes assessments of each parent’s character, marital stability, financial situation, lifestyle, and medical history. The agency also runs background checks to verify there is no record of criminal activity or child abuse. In addition, a social worker will inspect the family’s home to ensure it is a safe environment for a child.

Furthermore, Angel Adoption requires each family to be educated on adopting and parenting. After a baby has been placed with the adoptive family, a social worker will continue to monitor and supervise the family. We go to great lengths to make sure all the families you have to choose from are going to be excellent parents for your baby!

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