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Family Type: Gay Couple
Children: No
Location: VA
Religion: Spiritual
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dear expectant mother

To an Extraordinary, Loving, and Compassionate Mother:

We want you to know you are remarkable, strong, and resilient. We are absolutely honored and extremely grateful that you would even consider us in your search for the perfect adoptive family. We cannot begin to comprehend what you must be going through during this difficult time in your life, but no matter how hard it may be, we want you to know we are here for you! Our love knows no bounds, and we are here to help encourage, inspire, and support you in any way we can. Our family morals are strong, and at the forefront lives our deeply rooted belief in the importance of unity. We are stronger together than we are apart, and we would love nothing more than to become a part of your story as we journey through life together!

There are no words that could ever illustrate just how much we would love to become your precious baby’s adoptive parents! Honestly, we can’t think of anything else in this life that would make us happier than raising your child with unconditional love and tons of laughter with adventures along the way.

We appreciate and admire your strength, and we are honored to have your consideration for such an important role. We sincerely thank you so much for viewing our profile, and we hope and pray you find whatever it is that your heart desires.

With love and admiration,
Jake and Dylan

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About Us

We met in 2019 and knew right away we were soulmates. We have enjoyed many vacations and adventures together since then and officially got engaged in 2021 with plans of officially tying the knot in 2023. During the week, we love to cook new recipes from different cultures together and learn new languages. Dylan speaks fluent Arabic and is conversational in Spanish. Jake is new to the Spanish language but is currently taking lessons and learning very quickly. We love to be goofy and dance and sing all around the house. We love doing just about anything as long as we are doing it together. On the weekends, you can almost always catch us dining with friends or family as both sides of our immediate families are very close! Quality time with the ones you love is very important to us, and we would love to add a bundle of joy to our lives to cherish these moments with.

Our Home & Pets

Our home in Virginia is located on the quiet outskirts of the nation’s capital. We live seconds away from everything you can think of. We love to explore the area and are always finding new hidden gems, like family-owned restaurants and unique bike trails and parks. Our home is located in one of the best parts of the city, with a melting pot of all different cultures, making it perfect for our family dynamic. We love to ride our bikes around the community. We also love taking our two dogs out for runs, to the dog park, on late summer night joy rides, and more. We absolutely love it here because of the inclusivity of the people and plan on buying another property in the area.

Our Extended Family

We live just minutes away from Jake’s parents, sisters, uncles, aunts, best friend, and grandparents. His dad's mom had 12 children and his mom’s mother had 10 just to give you a small glimpse at how big his family is. Whenever we need something—advice, a dog playdate, or to love on his godbabies or nieces and nephews—they are only moments away, which is always nice.

Dylan’s extended family resides in Maryland, which is about a two-hour drive for us. Dylan has two dads as well as a mom and stepdad, which actually works out really well for us because his dads always have so much advice for us when we need it in terms of our family dynamic. Dylan’s mom is one of three children, and Dylan himself is an only child, which makes his family small but very close, tight-knit, and loving. When combined, we have the best of both worlds: small and large.

Both sides of our family love children and cannot wait to be a part of this journey with us as there are tons of playdates to be had with loving extended family members who are dying to love and care for them.

What Led Us To Adoption

Since we first began dating back in 2019, we have always discussed having an overwhelming feeling that we wanted to adopt, and as we established a life together, that urge has become stronger and stronger to the point that we can no longer ignore it. We believe our time is almost near to become the parents we have always wanted to become. We believe we are being led spiritually down this path, and our hope is that whomever we are destined to match with will see our profile and know within their heart that we are the adoptive parents who were meant for them.

Fun Facts

About Jake
Occupation Cyber Security Engineer and Realtor
Education Currently in university (software engineering)
Race African American
Favorite Hobby Learning, singing, dancing
Favorite Holiday Christmas
Favorite Music Group Jasmine Sullivan
Favorite TV Show Charmed
Favorite Book Harry Potter (series)
Favorite Subject in School Science, physics, astronomy
Favorite Tradition Christmas morning breakfast
Dream Vacation Bali
About Dylan
Occupation Criminal Analyst
Education Bachelor’s degrees (linguistics and Arabic)
Race Caucasian
Favorite Hobby Music, video games
Favorite Holiday Valentine’s Day
Favorite Music Group Tone Stith, Muni Long
Favorite TV Show Scandal
Favorite Book The Da Vinci Code
Favorite Subject in School Math, physics
Favorite Tradition Yearly vacations
Dream Vacation Rome

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