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Family Type: Gay Couple
Children: No
Location: KS
Religion: Spiritual
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dear expectant mother

Dear Expectant Mother,

It is an honor to meet you. As you make this adoption plan for your unborn child, we want to honor the time and energy spent and the sacrifices you have made and are continuing to make in this process. We gratefully respect your selflessness and commitment to giving your child a life you might not be able to. It has been our dream to become fathers, so if you so choose us, it would be a dream come true.

We hope to be open-minded parents who are there to nurture and steer our child through life’s trials. When they fall, we will be there to pick them up and console them and, when appropriate, teach them how to avoid the next fall. We fully intend to let them dictate their paths of life as they choose. Whether they are artistically, academically, or athletically inclined, we want to support their passions and be part of what drives the light behind their eyes.

We live in a newly built suburban neighborhood with an elementary school that is a five-minute walk from our front doorstep, so we envision walking them to and from school in their younger years. The school district is well respected, so it will be exciting to watch their passion evolve as they grow older and settle on what they decide their calling is.

We could never repay the gift of bringing life into this world and entrusting someone else to raise it, but we will do our hardest to give our child all of us. Thank you for your consideration.

Travis and Ivan

About Us

Hello! We are Ivan and Travis. Ask any of our loved ones about us and they will tell you the same thing: that we enjoy traveling, music, food, and roller coasters as much as we enjoy spending time with each other and our family and friends! We have been together for six years and happily married for one year and have always felt a strong connection to each other full of love and laughter even in the mundane, everyday activities, all with our sweet dog, Yoshi, by our side. We both studied mechanical engineering and have since developed fruitful career paths. Travis is the president of his family’s roofing business, and Ivan is a project manager for a financial services firm. Outside of work, any chance we get to plan an exciting trip, try out a new international recipe, or relax at home and host our friends we will happily take!

Our Home & Pets

We are grateful to live in a very welcoming and active suburban community. Our neighborhood was built in the last ten years, and the opening of a brand-new elementary school in the subdivision has recently brought many young families to the area. The walls of our home are decorated with our favorite pictures of our travels and time with family. We brought our dog, Yoshi, into the family nearly two years ago; he is 75% corgi and 25% miniature Australian shepherd, making him long, heavy, but very active! He is smart, playful, and sometimes stubborn, and he loves babies. Several of our close friends have young children who love to play with him whenever they come over to visit.

Our Extended Family

Ivan grew up on the West Coast after his parents immigrated from Mexico. Ivan is very close with his immediate family, which includes his mom, his dad, one older brother, his sister-in-law, and his nephew, who is almost four years old. Ivan grew up speaking Spanish, something he believes is important to carry on with his child. Ivan typically gets together with his extended family in Mexico every several years, which consists of 10+ aunts and uncles and even more cousins gathering for weddings, holidays, or trips to the beach and all with matching shirts to commemorate the reunion!

Travis grew up in the Midwest with a closely knit family with his parents, sister, and extended family. His maternal grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all lived within 15 minutes of one another and would regularly gather for weekly dinners, holidays, and occasionally travel together. Travis’s paternal family all still lives in his father’s hometown in northern Italy. As a child, he would visit them every other year and still has fond memories of being with his Italian family. Sadly, after 9/11, his parents became frightened to travel internationally, but with the power of technology, they use Facebook to stay in touch.

What Led Us To Adoption

Travis always dreamed of having a younger sister and used to pray for one before bed each night as a child; his parents unfortunately could never get pregnant again. When he turned 11, his family stumbled into an adoption through a family friend, and within several months, his parents had adopted his baby sister and his prayer was answered. He has always felt a strong connection to the adoption process. While Ivan is the youngest in his family and has no direct experiences with adoption, he has seen Travis and his sister’s relationship and knows he is excited to help guide our future child in positive ways just as Travis helped raise his sister.

Fun Facts

About Ivan
Occupation Project Manager
Education Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering
Race Hispanic/Latino
Favorite Hobby Travel with family
Favorite Movie Coco
Favorite Sport Tennis, soccer
Favorite Holiday New Year’s
Favorite Music Group Glass Animals
Favorite TV Show West World
Favorite Tradition Noche Buena (Christmas Eve)
Dream Vacation Mediterranean cruise
About Travis
Occupation Company President
Education Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering
Race Caucasian
Favorite Hobby Live music
Favorite Movie Inception
Favorite Sport Soccer
Favorite Holiday Christmas
Favorite Music Group Paramore
Favorite TV Show Fringe
Favorite Tradition Summer weekends at Lake of the Ozarks
Dream Vacation African safari

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