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Family Type: Heterosexual Couple
Children: No
Location: LA
Religion: Non-denomintational/Christian
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dear expectant mother

It’s very hard to put into words how we feel about you, but we’ll try. The first thing we want to say is thank you! Thank you not only for even considering us as possible parents for your child but also for being such a strong and selfless person as to give anyone this most amazing gift. We have no way of knowing what you are feeling and can only imagine this is one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever have to make. Please know we admire you greatly, and we don’t even know you yet.

We also want you to know that if you did choose us to be the adoptive parents of your baby, we would love him or her with all our hearts and souls and make sure they know that every day. They would be welcomed into our large, multicultural family with open arms and travel the world to visit family and friends. We long for the days when Fatih can teach them how to kick a soccer ball or learn how to cook his favorite Turkish dishes, and Erin can sing to them and share her love of theater.

Whatever you decide, we hope that decision brings you peace and, in some way, joy to know that you have given the gift of love to your unborn child and the adoptive parents.

- Erin & Fatih

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About Us

Hi! We are Erin and Fatih, two world travelers who fell in love four years ago in Istanbul and were married two years later. Fatih is a talented mixologist and cook from Turkey with a big heart, who loves being outdoors. Erin is hardworking, loyal, and a born performer. After working on a cruise ship for several years and traveling to 39 countries, Fatih began working as a bartender in upscale establishments in Istanbul. Erin moved to NYC for acting school in 2002 and eventually got a job with the exclusive members club and was asked to open and manage several of their properties worldwide, which is what brought her to Istanbul in the first place, where our love story began. After getting married, we decided to start our next chapter of life, starting with being closer to family, so we moved to Erin’s hometown in Louisiana.

Our Home & Pets

After moving to Erin’s hometown last year, we lived with Erin’s dad so we could take our time finding a home that felt right. Since we both have lived in big, metropolitan cities in apartment buildings for most of our adult lives, we didn’t want to rush into our first home. We found our place in a lovely subdivision where Erin spent lots of time with friends growing up. There is a neighborhood pool and lots of children. We live in a four-bedroom, traditional-style brick home, which was just fully renovated this past year. It’s full of windows that let in lots of light, and there is a large, fenced-in backyard. We have a cat we rescued several months back, named Suzi, who loves people and cuddles!

Our Extended Family

One of the things we love about our family is that we are multilingual and cultural. Erin has a younger sister and is close to her dad. Her mom passed away several years ago, but she still has so many wonderful memories and traditions that keep her spirit alive within their family, like getting together every couple months with all her aunts on both sides of her family to have lunch and celebrate her mom. Her big extended family, who, for the most part, live very close to each other, get together often for dinner, crawfish boils in the spring, big Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations during the holidays, or even just to watch football on Sunday!

Fatih has an older brother. He, his mother and father, and extended family live overseas in Turkey and Germany. They are still really close, video calling and messaging all the time. And since we both love to travel, family is the best excuse for us to get to Europe often and for Erin to practice her Turkish!

What Led Us To Adoption

We always knew we wanted children, and adoption was something we both talked about wanting from very early on in our relationship. After recently finding out having biological children would be nearly impossible, we just knew we needed to start the journey right away. We see adoption as a beautiful gift that would allow us to share all this love we have to give and are so thankful for the opportunity to become parents and complete our family.

Fun Facts

About Fatih
Occupation Restaurant Manager
Education Bachelor’s degree
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Cheese, fried rice, pizza
Favorite Hobby Singing, yoga, reading, traveling
Favorite Movie Love Actually
Favorite Music Group The Beatles
Favorite Book Dark Tower series
Favorite Subject in School Theater
Favorite Tradition Crawfish boils
Dream Vacation African safari
About Erin
Occupation Store Manager
Education High school
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Turkish kebab & salad
Favorite Hobby Cooking
Favorite Movie The Last Samurai
Favorite Music Group Queen
Favorite Book Kasagi
Favorite Subject in School Geography
Favorite Tradition Making mezze
Dream Vacation Northern lights

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Furthermore, Angel Adoption requires each family to be educated on adopting and parenting. After a baby has been placed with the adoptive family, a social worker will continue to monitor and supervise the family. We go to great lengths to make sure all the families you have to choose from are going to be excellent parents for your baby!

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