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Family Type: Single
Children: No
Location: AZ
Religion: Christian

dear expectant mother

I’m very honored that you’re interested in getting to know me. Thank you for considering me as the parent for your precious child. I admire your courage and respect that this decision must be challenging for you to make. To help you, I'm happy to share who I am and do my best to reassure you that, if you choose me, your child will be loved, healthy, and happy. My wish is that you also have health and happiness, no matter what you decide. Your child will grow up with the understanding that he or she was adopted and that it is a very special thing.

I’ll do everything in my power to be the parent he or she deserves, someone who encourages him or her to be their true self and to find what gives them joy. I'll be there with him or her to celebrate life's triumphs and to help overcome any of life's challenges. Yes, there can be danger in the world, but I will show him or her that there is also compassion and kindness. From trick-or-treating and birthdays, to the flu and first date jitters, I promise to be at their side for all of it.

As I continue my journey in life, perhaps someday our family might include a father and/or a sibling for your child. I'm excited to see what possibilities the future may hold!

About Me

Hi, I’m Elizabeth. I collect fairy art books and love to bake, and anything to do with animals is interesting to me: zoos, parks, and rescue associations. Volunteer work is a rewarding experience, and my own pets are rescues. Occasionally, I also walk to support organizations such as St Jude's for Children, and the “Race for the Cure” event helps me honor my aunt’s memory. I have a fun-loving personality and enjoy making people laugh. Friends say I’m easy to talk to and patient, yet assertive. I’m a person who prefers to sit with kids in the sandbox, not just watch!

My Home & Pets

I moved to Arizona 15 years ago. I enjoy the sunny days and beautiful views, the fall colors and even the snow up north. My three-bedroom, two-bath home is in the suburbs, and there is a wonderful playground right down the street. There’s also a baseball park which hosts events after spring training. The backyard is enclosed with a full, shaded patio and grass for picnics and other adventures. My house has an open layout inside, with room for a play area and books for story-time. I have two furry friends, named Boo and Binx, and both cats love to be around people and are very affectionate. I'm looking forward to a different lifestyle devoted to a new little family member.

My Extended Family

Being single, it will be important to have help raising a child, and I'm thankful to have such a supportive (and excited!) family so close by. My parents retired here and live 15 minutes away, and my sister (who is an excellent cook!) and her French bulldog, Millie, are five minutes away. Also nearby are my cousin, his wife, and their son and daughter (whom I usually sit with at the kids’ table for Thanksgiving!). The rest of my family is in the midwest. My brother is a high school teacher in Illinois, where he lives with his fiancé and his dog, Nixon. Also in Illinois are my aunt, uncle, and two cousins. In Texas, I have more family: another other cousin, her husband, and their two sons. Both boys are superstar baseball players!

"Come in and make yourself at home” is our family motto. We believe in sharing the joys of life and supporting each other in tough times. Family events and holidays are celebrated together regularly. Our newest family member will color Easter eggs with us and have their own Christmas elf who makes sure they're being good. We'll also attend my parents’ "pool barbeques," where Mille swims in her safety-vest!

What Led Me To Adoption

I used to work at a daycare center, and this sealed the “mom deal” for me. I'm not married yet, but why wait? My good friend is a single mother, and she’s a source of both inspiration and reality for me. First, I tried IVF and was not successful, so I have turned to adoption, which is a wonderful option that I believe was meant to be for me. My younger cousin was adopted, and she's a beautiful and loved member of our family. I've watched her grow into adulthood with the rest of us, and now she's excited about my journey!

Fun Facts

About Elizabeth
Occupation Legal Business Analyst
Education Bachelor’s Degree
Race Caucasian, Hispanic
Favorite Movie Shrek, Despicable Me
Favorite Holiday Halloween
Favorite TV Show Baking Competitions, Science/History Documentaries
Favorite Book The Wit & Wisdom of Mark Twain
Favorite Subject in School Biology, Art
Favorite Activity Playing Games
Favorite Animal Anything But Spiders!
Dream Vacation Animal Safari

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