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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
Children: No
Location: IL
Religion: Christian - Non-denominational/None
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dear expectant mother

First of all, you are a strong and brave woman for considering an adoption plan. I want to thank you for considering me to love your child. Your child will always know how much you loved him or her and how you acted so selflessly and courageously.

I pray every night for you and your child—for you to be supported, cared for, loved, and directed to the best parent(s) for your child. I pray you would feel treasured because that is who you are to me: valued and worthy of enormous respect and love. I pray for this child to know how much they are loved and to see their hopes and dreams fulfilled. They will know how much you selflessly loved them from an early age. I thank you very much for considering me for your precious gift.

They will learn to love God, themselves, and others. I believe if they learn to love who they are, then they can love, respect, and be kind to others. I look forward to exploring the process of finding what brings him or her the greatest joy and happiness in life. If that is music, dance, sports, education, mechanics, science, or reading, I promise to encourage their passions. I am looking forward to snuggles and hugs as I share my life with this child. I bless you in your journey and thank you for hearing my heart and hopes.


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About Me

Hello, my name is Cara. I am a tax manager at a CPA firm. Originally, I was raised on a farm in Illinois, but upon getting my first job, I moved five hours north to the suburbs of a large city. I am highly involved in my local church as an elder, giving a sermon occasionally, on the prayer team, and a co-chair of our women’s and children’s ministry. Some of the happiest times of my life have been my overseas trips to child care centers. My friends describe me as loving, kind, caring, loyal, compassionate, and hardworking. If you asked my two younger brothers when we were growing up, they would call me bossy, like any normal older sister. However, as an adult, I stopped being bossy and now have become a wise, loving, and caring sister and friend to them and their families.

My Home

I purchased a new home this year, a 4 bedroom traditional home with a number of young families in the neighborhood and many opportunities to make friends. Within my neighborhood are 3 parks and playgrounds, and I am within a half-hour drive to multiple child-friendly activities, opportunities to serve the community, forest preserves, and Lake Michigan. The area I live in has some of the best public and private schools in the state. I would love to encourage a child to learn to love education, serve their community, and enjoy nature as all of these are important to me.

My Extended Family

My parents have been married for over 40 years. My two younger brothers married wonderful ladies, who are like sisters to me. My oldest brother’s wife had three children when they married and after a few years of marriage, they were blessed with a daughter. Over the years, I have enjoyed seeing them grow into adulthood.. My youngest and his wife have been blessed with a daughter. Living five hours away from them, it makes our time so precious when we are able to be together. When we are together, I enjoy encouraging my oldest niece in her artwork, costume creations, creative writing, and storytelling about the farm. With my youngest niece, we enjoy playing Minnie Mouse dolls, it’s her favorite!

My parents are both from large families, and I have many aunts, uncles, and cousins. Most of my adult life, my great-grandma and grandma were still living. They taught me to love everyone, that there are no step- or half-siblings, and that friends are family. Our holiday gatherings many times had over 50 people. One of my favorite traditions was our annual 4th of July softball game. After moving away for my career, I am glad I have found friends who consider me family like my great-grandma and grandma did with everyone. My family and friends are very excited for this little bundle of joy!

What Led Me To Adoption

As a child, I always wanted to be a mom and a doctor in a foreign country. Being a doctor changed, but my love for children never has. In recent years, I’ve had the opportunity to travel abroad to volunteer in child care centers. Whether I was teaching math classes or playing with village kids, my passion and love for children welled up and overflowed in my heart. Over the years, my career has advanced, but I have remained single while my desire to be a mother has steadily grown. When COVID started, I started to ponder whether I was to pursue adoption. Through many Facebook posts, videos about adoption, and several specific dreams, I know that now is the time.

Fun Facts

About Cara
Occupation CPA, tax manager
Education Bachelor of Arts
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Turtle cheesecake
Favorite Movie War Room, Kindergarten Cop, Home Alone
Favorite Music Group Lauren Daigle, Bethel Music
Favorite TV Show Home town
Favorite Book Bible
Favorite Tradition Baking Christmas cookies and then caroling in the neighborhood
Favorite Animal Dog, elephant, giraffe
Dream Vacation African safari

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