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Family Type: Gay Couple
Children: No
Location: VA
Religion: Christian
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dear expectant mother


We want to say that your selflessness and bravery are inspiring, and we hope you know how incredible you are. We cannot begin to comprehend the difficulty you have had choosing a family for your precious child, but we would be forever grateful if you chose us.

We knew that being in a same-sex marriage, there would be more difficulties and hurdles in starting a family. At points, we did not know if it would be possible for us. You choosing us as the fathers of your baby would mean an answered prayer and a dream come true for us.

We hope you understand we would love your child with our whole hearts and souls. We promise to provide a loving, stable environment for your child to grow up in and a community of people who will be there through every stage of life.

Austin and Justin

To your child:

You are the most precious and perfect baby; we love and adore you. We are so honored and privileged to be considered your daddies. We always promise to provide you with a loving and safe environment, no matter what. We promise to support you through every chapter of your life. You will have so many cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents waiting to spoil and love you with all their hearts. You will be our world and our everything. We have prayed for you for years and can’t wait to meet you.

Your dads

About Us

We are Austin and Justin, a loving married couple of five years living in Virginia. We are both 28 years old and have birthdays one day apart. We met at college in 2015, where Justin built up the courage to ask Austin to go on a date to get tacos. We hit it off immediately and have been together since. While our personalities differ (Austin is more extroverted, and Justin is more introverted), we make an incredible team and believe this would benefit our parenting. We have a deep love for the arts and theater. Austin is a labor and delivery nurse, and Justin is an HR professional. Austin is an avid runner in his free time and enjoys exploring new areas of their city. Justin loves exploring new cuisines and cultural hubs in our community and nearby cities. We love trying new things and exploring our beautiful city.

Our Home & Pets

We live in a home we purchased in 2020. It has a fenced-in backyard and a gorgeous front porch. We are positioned for the best public schools in our area. Virginia is a host to many fantastic, family-friendly businesses and activities. We are within a ten-mile radius of several parks, children’s theaters, zoos, rivers, and museums. Throughout Virginia, numerous day trips and weekend trips are waiting! Two hours in any direction will leave us vacation ready, from the beaches on the East Coast to the Blue Ridge Mountains to the west. We have the most perfect, beautiful Pomeranian named Nala, who cannot wait to welcome a sister or brother!

Our Extended Family

Austin comes from a family of six who are incredibly close. He has a twin sister, an older sister, an older brother, and two loving parents. All three siblings are married, have children, and live 30-45 minutes away from us. Austin is grateful to have a set of grandparents whom he is also very close to. Austin has a huge extended family as well. He has six aunts and six uncles as well as 18 cousins.

Justin comes from a family of four, which he is also very close to! He has two caring parents and an older brother who is married and has children. Justin is very close to his grandparents and has an uncle, two aunts, and three cousins.

One of our favorite traditions is our annual family reunion trip to the beach, where we all catch up. Holidays are extraordinary and full of traditions. Our families still get together every year for cookie baking, holiday tacky light tours, and making homemade ornaments as a family. Our families are both in favor of our pursuance of adoption. We cherish our time and love from our families and can’t wait to add a child.

What Led Us To Adoption

Growing up, we both knew we wanted to be dads; it's always been our dream. Although we knew it would be more difficult as a same-sex couple, it was our goal to build a family and give love to a child. We have so much love for each other as a couple and want to extend that love to a child. We want to provide a stable home for a child and know family goes beyond genetic relationships. We look forward to extending our love to our child and watching them grow. We have two sets of friends who went through the process of adoption, and the experience has been life-changing for them. We have leaned on them throughout this process.

Fun Facts

About Austin
Occupation Labor & delivery nurse
Education Registered Nurse (ADN)
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Sushi
Favorite Hobby Running
Favorite Movie The Grinch
Favorite Sport Halftime show
Favorite Holiday Christmas
Favorite Book The Housemaid
Favorite Tradition Annual family reunion/beach trip
Dream Vacation Greece
About Justin
Occupation HR professional
Education Bachelor’s
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Indian
Favorite Hobby Theater/arts
Favorite Movie The Maze Runner
Favorite Sport Skiing
Favorite Holiday Halloween
Favorite Book All the Light We Cannot See
Favorite Tradition Annual botanical gardens Christmas light tour
Dream Vacation Cross-country tour

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