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Family Type: Heterosexual Couple
Children: Yes
Location: WA
Religion: Christian
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dear expectant mother

We can’t imagine how overwhelmed you might be feeling looking through profiles as you consider the best path for you and your child. Add to that the stress that comes with pregnancy! Know we are praying for peace and calmness to wash over you.

We compiled our profile to help you get to know us so you can feel confident in your choice should you choose us. We want you to know this from the start: should you choose us, you will be an ever-present force in this child’s life, whether you remain in contact with us or if it’s through the stories we will tell them about you. You are an important and necessary person in this child’s world.

We are dedicated to our marriage and to the hard but rewarding work it takes to nurture a successful relationship. We understand that it’s our marriage—the stability we can provide through the example of a healthy relationship—that will be the cornerstone for our family. We commit to you, and to ourselves, that we will never give up on our marriage or our family.

Thank you for considering us. May the peace that surpasses all understanding cover you, and may you rest easy in the knowledge that should you choose us, your child will be well provided for and deeply, unconditionally, loved.

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About Us

We’re Andrea and Nelson! We’ve been together for 12 years and married for 8, and about 5 years ago we were blessed to adopt our amazing son, Oliver. Andrea is fascinated by a lot of things, ranging from shark biology to crazy celebrity beefs. Nelson enjoys working with his hands and BBQing on our smoker. As a family, we love going on adventures, spending quality time together, and exploring whatever is making us curious at the moment (like animals at the zoo, the jellyfish at low tide, or what we can build with Legos). Our family believes in open communication, unconditional love, and asking questions. No topic will ever be off limits in our home. Oliver is very excited about welcoming a sibling home and has been praying for it to happen “tomorrow.” We, too, are excited for another to join our family. Thank you for considering us!

Our Home & Pets

Our house is a four-bedroom, two-bath home situated in a quiet neighborhood suburb on a dead-end street. We’ve got a big back yard and are a short walking distance to our local parks, library, and community center (with a pool). We have the type of street that neighborhood kids ride their bikes along, and we're friends with our neighbors. We have two furry members of our family: Obi the cat and Indy the dog. We adopted Indy as a puppy, and Obi the kitten chose Oliver. Really! He came right up and head nuzzled him. Today Indy and Oliver are best friends, and Obi always kisses Oliver goodnight. We love our animals, and they love us!

Our Extended Family

One of the greatest things we can share as parents is access to our friends and family. We are unconditionally loved and supported by so many people, whether biological or adopted relatives or dear friends. Nelson has a strong core group of male friends, and Andrea has a strong core group of female friends, some who have been in our lives for over 35 years. Several of our friends live just minutes from us with their own families, so we have play dates anytime we want.

Both sets of our parents are still married and are wonderful grandparents. Andrea has an older brother and sister-in-law, and Nelson has two sisters and three brothers. We are aunt and uncle to 13 nieces and nephews ranging in age from newborn to 14 years old; combined, we have ten aunts, ten uncles, and over 60 cousins.

Oliver sees his grandparents and cousins at least 3 days per week, and we often get together with everyone who lives nearby for family dinners or vacations. Simply put, we have a lot of family and friends, and everyone is beyond excited to welcome home a new member!

Our Adoption Story

Andrea grew up with tons of adopted family (international and foster), and Nelson’s youngest sister is adopted. They believe, like a grafted tree, adoption makes the fruit a family produces richer and healthier! While dating, it was hard for Andrea to meet any men who understood her choice. So, when they had their first date, Andrea bluntly told Nelson she wanted to adopt instead of having biological kids, and if that was an issue, he should leave now. Thankfully, Nelson responded with "I want to adopt too!" Three years later, they were married. Since then, they adopted a son, Oliver, and can’t wait to complete their family with kiddo #2!

Fun Facts

About Andrea
Occupation Nonprofit Manager
Education Master’s
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Coleslaw
Favorite Hobby Piano
Favorite Movie Jaws
Favorite Sport Sumo wrestling
Favorite TV Show Survivor
Favorite Book Pride and Prejudice
Favorite Tradition Sunday family dinners
Dream Vacation Disneyland
About Nelson
Occupation Full Stack Developer
Education Bachelor’s
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Bun cha
Favorite Hobby Woodworking
Favorite Movie Hot Fuzz
Favorite Sport SEC football
Favorite TV Show Grand Tour
Favorite Book East of Eden
Favorite Tradition Christmas lights & hot chocolate
Dream Vacation Carolina Coast

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