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How it All Began...

How did you decide to adopt?

We had struggled with infertility for years. After many years of unsuccessful treatments and procedures, we came to the conclusion that God was trying to tell us we were meant to adopt.

What made you choose Angel Adoption?

We did lots of research online and requested packets from several different agencies. Angel Adoption seemed perfect for us. One of the many things we liked was the fact that they advertised our profile to several different states.

What were some of the biggest challenges of the adoption process?

Honestly, our adoption process went very smoothly. Angel was great to work with as was the birthmother and social worker from Wisconsin.

What were you most nervous about?

I think the thing we were most nervous about was something falling through with the adoption or something happening to the baby or birthmother.

What were you most excited about?

We were most excited about bringing home our baby girl and giving the birthmother a chance to further her education and give her the life that she deserved.

How did your friends and family react to your decision to adopt?

When we shared the news with family and friends everyone was so excited and extremely supportive.

Did you choose an open or closed adoption - and how did you make that decision?

We currently have an open adoption. We wanted to choose whichever the birthmother was comfortable with. She was blessing us with such a beautiful gift.

What was it like meeting the birthmother?

This was an awesome experience for all of us! We were so blessed with the opportunity to meet her when she was a few months pregnant. We instantly created a bond and communicated everyday after. She has been like a daughter to us.

Adopting a baby can be a lengthy process - how did you get through the wait?

We knew what we would be blessed with in the end, so that made the waiting process a little easier. However, that time could not come soon enough!

Describe receiving the call that your baby was being born and traveling to meet him/her.

We were very excited and anxious at the same time. Our daughter was born a month early, so we were hoping we would be able to make it in time for the birth. With her living many states away, we were lucky enough to have a family friend fly us directly there. We arrived a few hours before she was born. The birthmother wanted us to be in the delivery room, so we could instantly bond with our little girl!

Describe the feeling of finally meeting your baby.

This was one of the most wonderful and emotional moments we have ever experienced. It was definitely love at first sight!

What is your relationship like with the birth family?

We have an amazing relationship with the birthmother. We visited her a few months ago. The visit went well and we all had a great time. I think she is ready to move on with her life until our daughter is old enough to want to meet her. We have both left the lines of communication open.

Would you adopt again?


What is something you would like to share with other adoptive parents?

This is the most wonderful and fulfilling decision we have ever made. This beautiful baby girl has brought so much joy and love to all of our lives! We have created a better life for our daughter and the birthmother. We look forward to the many years to come!!