How it All Began...

How did you decide to adopt a baby?

Given our family dynamic and financial resources, adoption was our only option to build a family.

Why did you choose to work with Angel Adoption?

We were looking for a more personal experience. Through a bit of research and a recommendation from a friend, we were introduced to Angel Adoption.

What were you most excited about?

We were most excited to receive the phone call that changed our lives forever! When we got it, we literally dropped everything and headed straight to our expectant mother. Holding our son for the first time was exhilarating.

What were you most nervous about?

We were most nervous about traveling back home via plane with an infant!

How did your friends and family react to your decision to adopt?

Both sides of the family were super excited for us and were anxious to welcome into the family the first grandchild. He’s the first on both sides of the family — yes he is spoiled!

What was it like meeting the birthmother for the first time?

We met our expectant mother the day she gave birth to our son. It was definitely a very surreal moment. There were so many emotions going through both of our minds at the time. There were definitely tears.

Did you choose an open or closed adoption? How did you make that decision?

We chose to honor the wishes of our birthmother. She originally wanted a closed adoption, but immediately after the birth and in talking with her lawyer, she made the decision that it was in her best interest to have an open adoption. We certainly respect her decision and exchange texts, typically during milestone birthdays.

Describe receiving the call that your baby was being born and traveling to meet him.

Robert was working at home at the time and Sam was getting ready to go to work when we received a call that our expectant mother was in labor and being rushed to the hospital. From that moment on, our lives completely changed. Robert immediately notified his employer and subsequently stopped working. Sam notified his employer as well and went on a brief leave of absence while we were in North Carolina for the birth and waiting for clearances. We purchased plane tickets immediately and as soon as we got to the airport and through security, we received notification that he was born — it was all so fast! The last-minute packing that occurred prior to leaving for the airport was definitely a bit chaotic as we were a bit stunned as to what to do, which direction to turn, and what phone calls to make first. It was definitely a moment of confusion at first. While we were waiting on our plane to depart, we made arrangements for a rental car and hotel arrangements. Everything was so sudden and last minute, but it's such a happy, memorable moment — we wouldn't change anything!

Describe the experience of finally meeting your baby.

Pure elation. Absolute joy. A miracle. It didn't even feel real. Holding such a tiny, helpless being who is so reliant on you to survive — it's a moment no one can fully comprehend until it happens.

What is your relationship like with the birthmother?

We have a good relationship with our birthmother. We communicate via text, exchanging messages and pictures, particularly during milestone events and birthdays.

What were the biggest challenges of the adoption process?

The wait and the failures that occur while waiting for the baby that is meant to be your baby.

Adopting a baby can be a lengthy process — how did you get through the wait?

Constant conversations with family and friends. We definitely vented during many frustrating moments in the adoption process, but continued to have faith in the process.

Would you adopt again? Why or why not?

At this time, we plan to begin the adoption process again in a few years!

What advice do you have to share with other adoptive parents?

Keep your head high and have patience — you will experience what feels like many setbacks in failed adoptions. I lost track of how many failed adoptions we had and honestly that number is insignificant now that we have Maxwell in our lives.