How it All Began...

Looking Forward

When we first started dating, we thought one day we would pursue adoption, even if we had our own biological children. Once we got married, we tried to have our own children. However, things just didn’t work out, and we knew adoption was the right choice for us to expand our family. With prayers and faith, we knew adoption was God’s plan for us.

In the beginning of our journey, we were both nervous. We were hopeful, but we also knew that anything can happen. Even though the majority of our family was on board, a few family members voiced their hesitation in the beginning. They simply knew it would be a difficult journey and wanted the best for us. We ended up having a great support system, though, which was such a blessing.

The First Time

We had some ups and downs in our journey, but learning from these experiences ultimately helped us get through the entire process. Our first connection with an expectant mother did not work out. That first time, we had told our family and kept them informed of everything throughout the process. When it fell through, not only were we disappointed but our family was discouraged as well.

On the day we were set to meet the expectant mother, we drove over ten hours to see her. When we got there, she had stood us up and never showed. We came home and waited, but she never answered our calls. Three weeks later, she gave birth and decided to keep the baby. We were shattered, but we comforted ourselves with the fact that this was not meant to be.

We reached out to Angel Adoption and the staff there helped us work through all the difficult emotions. When we discussed how we wanted to proceed, we said to each other, “No matter what, we have to keep trying. Have faith and trust God.”

When It’s Right, You Know

Our second connection with an expectant mom was a lot better right from the start. We knew instantly she was the one. She talked to us every day, and we were able to talk about a lot more than just the baby with her. She felt like family.

The baby came a little early at 39 weeks. She texted us that she was having contractions all day. Since she had other children, she had to make arrangements for them before going to the hospital. We drove the long nine and a half hours to get there, and we were only two hours away when our little boy was born. She FaceTimed us from the delivery room so we could hear his first cry. It was amazing.

Two hours later, we were at the hospital. Holding Zachary for the first time was the most amazing feeling. We didn’t ever want to lay him down. They gave us a room to stay in, but we ended up spending the night in our son’s birthmother’s room, taking care of Zachary while bonding with her. Zachary was perfect, and we knew God had worked everything out.

Having an Open Mind

We started this process with an open mind, and we really valued all the connections we made along the way. All the difficult times no longer mattered once we held Zachary in our arms. We knew we were holding our child. Our entire journey was based on opening our hearts, and it was beyond worth it.

We are excited to look into the future when we are ready and are open to expanding our family through adoption again. Being able to fulfill our dreams of becoming adoptive parents and creating the family we always wanted is priceless. Our son is the greatest blessing.