How it All Began...

How did you decide to adopt a baby?

We always knew we wanted a family. After a few fertility issues, we decided adoption was the best route for us.

Why did you choose to work with Angel Adoption?

When we spoke to Angel on the phone, they were so delightful and easy to talk to. We liked that we would be choosing our own lawyers and adoption professionals once we were connected with an expectant mother. We also loved that our adoption profile would be made by professionals. We actually worked with Angel for both of our adoptions, first for our daughter, Harper, and then again for our son, Owen.

What were your feelings as you began your adoption journey?

When we started our first adoption, we were extremely naive and expected to have a baby in our arms within a few months. We were nervous, but so excited to be finally taking big steps to build the family we always wanted.

How did your friends and family react to your decision to adopt?

Everyone was very supportive and happy for us.

What was it like meeting the birthmothers for the first time?

We did not meet Harper’s birthmother in person, but when we met Owen’s birthmother, it was like meeting an old friend. We had built a connection over a couple months and it was great to meet her in person.

Did you choose an open or closed adoption?

Harper’s is closed by her birthmother’s request, and Owen’s is semi-open. We allowed both of our children’s birthmothers to make the decision. They gave us our family, so we wanted them to be comfortable with the level of contact.

Describe receiving the calls that your babies were being born and traveling to meet them.

We flew from Hawaii to Virginia for both of our kids. Those trips were wildly different, but both were full of excitement. Both of the kids were a few weeks early, so we were caught off guard both times! We were up for about 36 hours on the way to get Harper because neither of us could sleep. Our excitement was through the roof and we could not wait to be parents! When we went to get Owen, we were equally excited and in contact with his birthmom the whole time. Both trips seemed to take forever.

Describe the experience of finally meeting your babies.

Every emotion imaginable and instant love.

What is your relationship like with your babys’ birthmothers?

We do not have a relationship with Harper’s birthmom, but we have a nice relationship with Owen’s. We send her updates a couple times a month and have each other’s information. We are also in contact with Owen’s birth-grandmother.

What were the biggest challenges of the adoption process?

Being patient and trusting that our family was out there. Owen happened fairly quickly and we had gone through everything before, but Harper was all new and we were unprepared for the emotional rollercoaster adoption can be. Disrupted connections are tough on the soul, but having faith will get you through!

Adoption can be a lengthy process — how did you get through the wait?

We tried to put the wait in the back of our minds, but it was impossible. We went on vacations and did things we knew would be much more difficult once we had children. We also got involved with our children’s ministry at church and did other volunteer activities to help pass the time.

Would you adopt again?

We would not actively pursue another adoption, but if an opportunity came our way we would never turn it down. We are happy with our lovely and happy little family.

What advice do you have to share with other adoptive parents?

This process is tough and will test you, your faith, and sometimes even your sanity. I used to get so annoyed when people would tell us that once we had our baby everything would make sense, but it is 100% true. Have faith, be patient, and trust the process. It really does work.