Adoption Process Timeline

adoptive family profileWhether you are considering adoption or are just beginning the process, it’s completely natural to wonder how long the process will take. You’re so eager to grow your family and it can be frustrating wondering how long you may have to wait. To that end, it can bring you peace of mind to know a little bit more about the adoption process and how long it can take.

Select an Agency

The first step in adoption, beyond learning about the process, is selecting an agency. You need to contact a licensed agency in your state and find out more information on them. This includes discovering the types of adoptions they manage, associated fees, home preparation, and more. Look into some legal services and ensure that the agency you are talking to is indeed licensed for adoption.

Complete a Home Study

It can take some time to arrange all of the necessary meetings involved in a home study, but you will be working with a social worker throughout the process. One of these meetings will occur in your home and everyone who lives there must attend. During this stage, you will be asked questions designed to make sure you are ready to care for a child. You will also have to provide certain documents to prove your identity and background. This whole process typically takes about three months.

Meeting Your Child

Should the birth mother pick your family, visits will be arranged for you and her to get to know each other. Eventually, if the match is set, a plan will be put in place for the child’s birth and adoption. Eventually, the adoption will be finalized in court.

The entire adoption process can take months to years to complete depending on where you are and who the child is. Try not to stress, as the wait is more than worth it in the end.

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