4 Tips for Writing a Great Adoptive Family Profile

adoptive familyThey go by many names, like a dear birthmother letter, family profile, parent profiles, and adoption profile, but they all have one thing in common: they are written by people who are hoping to adopt a baby.
Birthmothers will evaluate you based on your adoptive family profile, and it is crucial to write it honestly and with attention to detail. This profile should tell who you really are, as well as what your interests, beliefs, and values are. But, the most important thing is it should tell about the kind of parents you would be. Here are some tips on writing your adoptive family profile and how to make it stand out from the others.

Cover Image and Design
By choosing a photo that is not only high in resolution and quality, but also captures who you are, the reader will be engaged and want to continue reading. Many people choose professional photos. Another option is your favorite photo that shows an activity you and your partner enjoy doing. Any of these options is good, but the avoid using too many posed photos or just photos of your faces, no matter how big the smile is. Birthmother will want to also see photos of the time you spend together and the things you like to do.
Show More Than You Can Say
Don’t simply report facts about your life and interests. Tell short stories, incorporate interesting moments and connections to some events. If you have a hobby, share it through images and describe what it means to you and how you plan to share it with your future child. Mention some places you’d like to visit and explain how you would like to take your child there some day. It is important to include those things since this is not just a profile of you, it is a profile of you as a future parent, and you want to be sure to present yourself in that light.
Your adoptive family profile needs to have some crucial information about you and your family, so besides the regular facts and the history of your relationship, include what your town or school district is like, describe your neighborhood, talk about what fun attractions are near you, and other things important to you. When you say you enjoy doing something, try to paint a picture and describe how it makes you feel. When you do it this way the birthmother can get a feeling of what it would be like to be in your life.
Be Selective
Although you might want to, you can’t include everything, so be selective about the information you will include in your adoptive family profile. For example, the names of your sister’s kids are not important, but it is important how you spend time with them since that can create a picture of you as a caring and loving parent.
The goal of your adoptive family profile is to create an emotional connection with birthmothers that will eventually lead to a long lasting and firm relationship for everyone involved, so make sure it’s the best reflection of your family!

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