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Family Type: Heterosexual Couple
Children: No
Location: AK
Religion: Christian - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
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dear expectant mother

First, we would like to say thank you. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for considering us for this amazing opportunity. Every life is beset with difficult trials and tribulations, and we know we can never fully understand what has brought you to this point. We know this: We come before you with love, compassion, and open hearts. We are asking you for something great; we are asking you for your child, your baby. It is not something we do lightly, and we come to you in all sincerity asking you for this gift.

We, too, have had trials and tribulations in our lives that have led us here, led us to you. We cannot have a biological child, so we have searched for someone like you. We have spent time in thoughtful prayer and quiet introspection to reach this point of looking for someone like you. Adoption is a bridge between you (a mother) and us (a family looking to grow). It is a partnership of sharing love and providing for a child. We want the best for your baby and give them every opportunity we can. More than anything, we desire and seek to share our love for each other and our family with another soul. This is something that, without someone like you, we cannot do. We are so very grateful for the opportunity and chance to meet you and perhaps build a bridge to a new family together.

About Us

Hello. Our names are Adam and Vanyssa. We are so excited for you to get to know us. We met and became great friends in 2005 in Utah. Even though life then led us down different paths, we remained close. In 2022 we reconnected and got married. Adam is an intelligent and thoughtful man who lusts for life, is always quick with a joke, and enjoys spending time with family and friends. Vanyssa is a compassionate, loving, and warm person with a huge focus on family and friends. We both enjoy spending time in nature, hiking along trails in the woods and the mountains of Alaska. We also enjoy cooking, baking, watching movies, and attending concerts. Vanyssa uses her compassion in her work with medical records, while Adam challenges himself as an aircraft simulation engineer. Adam also likes to write fiction, and Vanyssa enjoys painting, crocheting, and scrapbooking.

Our Home & Pets

In our newly embraced Alaskan home, cradled by breathtaking mountains and pine forests, we're forging an exciting chapter for our growing family. The enchanting Northern Lights and the captivating wonders of nature have become cherished family pastimes, casting a warm glow on our daily lives. Our son, Willson, eagerly immerses himself in the joyous adventures of Alaskan summers, creating lasting memories against this spectacular backdrop. Beloved feline companions Aurora and Tessa add their own playful vibrancy, reveling in indoor comforts amid Alaska's alluring wilderness. As we settle into our new abode, the boundless opportunities for play and exploration in the Alaskan outdoors enhance our family bonds. Our home is a sanctuary, promising a future filled with love, laughter, and shared joy amidst the enduring beauty of the Alaskan landscape.

Our Extended Family

We both come from close-knit families, so our family is important to us. Vanyssa has two older brothers, two younger brothers, and a sister. She also has a large extended family with seventeen aunts and uncles and thirty cousins, several of whom are married with children of their own. Adam has one older brother and two younger brothers as well as two nephews, seven nieces, and two great-nieces. He also has nine aunts and uncles, with twenty-two cousins, many married with children.

Vanyssa grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and Adam grew up in the Great Plains of the Midwest. Both families are spread throughout the Continental U.S., with Vanyssa having her sister and a cousin nearby in Alaska. We spend several times a year traveling back down from Alaska to visit family and friends, spending as many holidays as possible surrounded by friends and family. We also love hosting friends and family who visit Alaska. It is a natural beauty that everyone should experience in their life.

What Led Us To Adoption

Much like our journey together, our decision to adopt is a long one. Vanyssa has always wanted to be a mother. Unfortunately, during Vanyssa’s previous marriage, she discovered she could not have biological children due to medical difficulties. Adam was blessed with a wonderful son, Willson, from his previous marriage and always wanted more children. Due to our situation, we may not be able to have a child traditionally, but we are determined to grow our family. We are excited to use adoption to expand our family so we may share our love for each other with a child. We look forward to and pray for the chance to grow our family with a child we can love.

Fun Facts

About Vanyssa
Occupation ROI Technician
Education Some college
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Fettuccine alfredo
Favorite Hobby Scrapbooking
Favorite Sport Bowling
Favorite Holiday Halloween
Favorite Music Group Linkin Park
Favorite TV Show The Office
Favorite Tradition Camping
Dream Vacation Hawaii
About Adam
Occupation Aircraft Simulation Engineer
Education Associate of Electronic Engineering
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Grilled pineapple
Favorite Hobby Writing
Favorite Sport Bowling
Favorite Holiday Halloween
Favorite Music Group Third Eye Blind
Favorite TV Show Community
Favorite Tradition Camping
Dream Vacation The Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage

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