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Family Type: Heterosexual Couple
Children: Yes
Location: WA
Religion: Agnostic/Spiritual
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dear expectant mother

We are truly grateful that you’re taking the time to get to know us and are hopeful for the opportunity to hear from you.

We promise to make your child our #1 priority in life. We eagerly anticipate the immense joy they’ll bring to our lives - from those early giggles and messy finger paintings to bedtime stories and cozy cuddles - it’s a rollercoaster of love. It’s about sharing ice creams, building forts, and being someone’s superhero. Despite the occasional sleepless nights, it’s a rewarding adventure with hugs, laughter, and heartwarming memories that make it all worthwhile.

We want you to be as involved in your child’s life as you desire. We’ll share their birth story with them because we believe it’s important for them to know where they come from and to cherish their cultural heritage, family traditions, identity, and pride. We’re more than happy to share as many pictures and stories as you’d like.

Sending you all our love and gratitude <3

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About Us

Hi, we're Sapna and Rajeev from the Pacific Northwest nestled in the breathtaking state of Washington. Our story goes back to our childhood as next-door neighbors, thanks to our close-knit families. Fast forward, we've been happily married for a whopping 18 years! Our greatest joy is being parents to our incredible 9-year-old son, Ronen Woz. We're a family of creatives and engineers who love road trips, home-cooked meals, and creating big-hearted moments of laughter and love.

Sapna is a loving mother and a tech-savvy engineer who works from the comforts of our cozy home, enjoying all the perks. Rajeev is a caring father, and the heart and soul behind a startup that creates fun mobile games like Harry Potter and Snapimals. Rajeev is available at home anytime as he is the CEO. We are Indian-Americans and the good old U.S. of A. has been our sweet home for a wonderful 22 years.

Our Home

Our wonderful town is often described as “a true island community on Lake Washington, where nature’s beauty meets urban charm.” It’s known for being extremely safe, vibrant, and walkable, with lush parks and beaches just around the corner. Within walking distance are well-maintained parks, the urban downtown area, and miles of stunning shoreline. Our community has received accolades for being recognized as one of the ‘Top 50 Suburbs in the United States,’ thanks to its excellent schools, 50 miles of hiking trails, and beautiful beaches. The school district ) even ranks in the top 1% of all 300 school districts.

Our home is a cozy, bright, and cheerful adobe, adorned with Sapna’s and Ronen’s artwork and cherished family photos. We’re surrounded by lush greenery, and the views of Mt. Rainier and Lake Washington are simply breathtaking. When the weekend rolls around, our private rooftop is the perfect spot for some laid-back family time.

Our Extended Family

Our extended family is like a beautiful tapestry woven with family values, where love, support, and respect are in abundance. Both sets of our parents, who are enjoying their golden years in India, absolutely adore their grandkids. They seize every opportunity to be with them, showering them with affection and gifts. These wonderful grandparents are the rock-solid foundation of our support system, and they can’t wait to welcome the newest addition to the family. Sapna’s brother is based in Washington, D.C. with his spouse and two lovely kids. He’s the proud parent of two younger children. We get together multiple times a year, and he’s always there to lend a hand, no matter the weather. Rajeev has two incredible sisters, both with two kids of their own. Two of these cousins are in college in California. They make it a point to visit us every year, especially during the holiday season, adding to the festive cheer.

Our circle also includes a fantastic group of highly accomplished friends, some of whom we’ve known for over 25 years. They bring an extra layer of warmth, shared memories, and an incredible support system to our lives. We genuinely consider ourselves lucky to have them as part of our extended family.

What Led Us To Adoption

From the time we started dating, we both shared this big dream of adopting and building a loving, awesome family. For us, it’s about giving kids a shot at a great life, showing them love, and making a real impact. It’s incredible to see our family grow, and it’s not just about biology; it’s about forging special connections through love and creating bonds that go beyond blood ties. This is how we want to craft our beautiful, well-knit family, all based on pure love and commitment.

Fun Facts

About Rajeev
Occupation CEO of a Gaming Company
Education Masters in Computer Sciences
Race Asian Indian
Favorite Food Ceviche
Favorite Hobby Creating and designing exciting new games
Favorite Movie Whisper of the Heart (anime)
Favorite Sport Chess
Favorite Holiday Halloween
Favorite Music Group Jazz
Favorite TV Show Simpsons
Favorite Book “Alice in Wonderland”
Favorite Subject in School Chemistry
Favorite Tradition Outdoors every Saturday
Dream Vacation Sunny Carmel-by-the-Sea, California
About Sapna
Occupation Engineering
Education Masters in Computer Sciences
Race Asian Indian
Favorite Food Savoring Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream
Favorite Hobby Expressing through paintings
Favorite Movie Titanic
Favorite Sport Cards
Favorite Holiday Thanksgiving
Favorite Music Group Country
Favorite TV Show Curb Your Enthusiasm
Favorite Book Steve Jobs Biography
Favorite Subject in School Math
Favorite Tradition Basking in sunshine on a family road trip
Dream Vacation 5-Star family- oriented Resorts

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