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Family Type: Heterosexual Couple
Children: No
Location: RI
Religion: None
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dear expectant mother

Dear Expectant Mother,

We cannot begin to imagine all of the different thoughts that are going through your mind right now. We are thankful for you considering us while you make what must be an incredibly difficult choice. We know that whatever choice you make will be the right choice for you and your baby and will reflect the love you have for them. You will be a lasting part of your child’s story, no matter what you choose.

If we are chosen, your baby will be raised in an environment overflowing with love. They will be surrounded by our love as well as the love of our friends and family and will always know about your love for them. We can’t wait to show them everything. They will have so many opportunities and experiences in our small city. From summer days on the beach and baseball games to boat trips, the aquarium, adventures at the science museum, walks to nowhere and everywhere, and quiet nights snuggling in at home with the dogs in front of the fire, the world will be at their fingertips. We are thrilled for the potential to experience the world with them.

Thank you for reviewing our profile and considering us. We cannot wait to welcome a child into our home and feel incredibly privileged for the chance to share all of our love with your child.

With love and admiration,
Nicole and Mike

About Us

Hi! We’re Mike and Nicole from Rhode Island! We’re a fun-loving couple that enjoys spending time with our dogs and working on our house. We met in 2004 when we were in college and started dating about a year later. We got married on the beach in North Carolina in 2010. We both think we’re pretty hilarious. We both love laughing at our own (sometimes corny) jokes and love a good pun. Nicole is a behavior analyst who works with young children with developmental and behavioral disorders, and Mike is a software engineer. Mike loves to cook and try new foods and recipes. Nicole enjoys music, baking, and going to the beach. We both have our dorky things that we’re fans of (Doctor Who for Nicole, Star Trek for Mike), and we both like to read and play video games.

Our Home & Pets

Our home is in a small but lively city in Rhode Island. We live in a two-story house with our two dogs, Maggie and Taffy. Our neighborhood has shops, a toy store, several playgrounds, an astronomical observatory, and an amazing local library. There are a number of diverse restaurants and cafes within walking distance from our house. We also have a wonderful children’s museum just a few miles away. We’re right on the cusp of amenities and green space in a way that could give a child access to both very easily.

Our Extended Family

We moved back to Rhode Island in 2021 to be closer to our families. Mike has one sister, who lives 20 minutes away with our niece and nephew. His parents retired and moved away a few years ago, but they come up to visit often. Nicole’s immediate family is small, but she has a large extended family. We live just a few miles away from her mom, grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Our house becomes the central family gathering place during the holiday season. We host Thanksgiving and Christmas Day at our house. Nicole loves entertaining and Mike loves to cook, so it works for everyone! On the weekend before Christmas, Nicole and her mom get together to do all of the holiday cookie baking. Mike’s parents stay with us for Christmas, so we have people coming to visit during the week they are here. We spend Christmas Eve at Nicole’s cousin’s, where we play games, exchange gifts, and get a surprise visit from Santa Claus! Summer cookouts and Sunday dinners with our families are another regular occurrence at our house. Our families are so excited for the potential of a new little one to share our family traditions with.

What Led Us To Adoption

We came to the decision to adopt after experiencing infertility. We have a lot of love to give and didn’t want infertility to stop us from becoming parents. Nicole was adopted by her stepfather when she was in elementary school, giving her firsthand experience with adoption. Nicole also has a cousin who was placed for adoption as an infant. This family has kept in contact with Nicole’s family over the years. We also have a few friends who were adopted as children. These experiences have taught us a lot about family, and we are so excited for the opportunity to start a family of our own.

Fun Facts

About Mike
Occupation Software engineer
Education Bachelor’s degree
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Pizza, stuffed clams
Favorite Hobby Cooking, record collecting, comic books
Favorite Movie The Empire Strikes Back
Favorite Sport Baseball, hockey
Favorite Music Group The Wonder Years, Rakim, Botch
Favorite Book Dune, The Lord of the Rings
Favorite Tradition Hosting the holidays, Pizza Fridays
Dream Vacation Scotland
About Nicole
Occupation Behavior analyst
Education Master’s degree
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food French fries, crab rangoons
Favorite Hobby Reading, calligraphy, gardening
Favorite Movie Say Anything
Favorite Sport Hockey, baseball, basketball
Favorite Music Group Blink-182, My Chemical Romance
Favorite Book Hollywood Park, After the Eclipse
Favorite Tradition Hot turkey sandwiches after Thanksgiving
Dream Vacation Poland

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