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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
Children: Yes
Location: AZ
Religion: Catholic
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dear expectant mother

I dream of someday playing at the local park on a breezy day and holding my babies’ hands as we swing and laugh the day away or making smores under the stars as the trees blow and the wind whispers. Becoming a mom and changing diapers and warming bottles has been something I’ve wanted since I was a young girl. Weekends spent babysitting filled my heart with future plans of a place my babies acould call home as they explore the world and spend their days being held, kissed, and told they are beautiful.

I am ready for a second bundle of joy in my loving arms. Their room will be colorful and quiet, and the house will be a place where dreams come true. One of the biggest things I can be thankful for is that I don’t have to put my career first anymore after more than 20 years in the military. My dream of becoming an adoptive mom began in 2009, during my first trip to Afghanistan. So thank you for considering me, from the bottom of my heart to yours.

Very respectfully,

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About Me

When I was 21, I left for the military to earn money for college. While there, my peers said I had a strong will, caring heart, and positive attitude and said I made the place better. While serving, I became a first sergeant and took care of people and their families. Because of my compassionate heart, I would respond to awful family accidents and events but thankfully got to respond to good news in military members’ lives too. I loved being a first sergeant since I love caring for people. I’m retired military today, and I humbly put the uniform in my closet. It’s time to be home in America, raising children as a stay-at-home mom.

My Home & Pets

There is plenty of room to enjoy time together in the large playroom. Each child will also have their own school room that’s separate from their own bedroom. The four bedrooms and large den provide security and comfort in this brand new neighborhood. There are nine families with young children in neighboring houses. What a wonderful place to grow up. In addition, our family pets snuggle on a pillow together and we are like family. The paved road is ideal for bike riding or roller skating. Our roads are also not a thoroughfare, making this a safe place to raise your beautiful baby. Please grant us the opportunity. Much appreciation.

My Extended Family

I have lots of cousins since both sets of grandparents had six children, who all had at least two to five kids themselves. I grew up being surrounded by cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Each year we do an early Thanksgiving gathering, share in a huge meal, say what we are thankful for, and have an egg toss—raw eggs for the older generation and hard boiled for my younger cousins. If you win, you get a prize. Also, if you bring canned goods to donate, your name goes in a jar for other prizes.

On Christmas Eve when I was a child, we would show up at Grandma’s house, and the table would be filled with goodies, homemade candies, and finger foods. The decorations were beautiful, and spending time with family filled our hearts with so much love. The next morning we would open presents, eat homemade donuts, and ride our new bicycles or play with our new toys. We were not rich growing up, but we were glad to have what we did.

What Led Me To Adoption

Adoption gives me hope to grow a family of my own. I love my large family and all my cousins. I have cousins who are adopted and cousins who have adopted. I always knew I was going to adopt a couple children after I retired from the military. It never mattered to me what their ages were or if they were related. I just want to grow my family, and raising your baby would make my dreams come true. I so want to adopt, and now is the time.

Fun Facts

About Kristy
Occupation Stay-at-home mom
Education Bachelor’s degree, working on master’s degree
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Chinese, Mexican, fresh salad & bread
Favorite Hobby Teaching, painting, bird watching, going to parks, feeding ducks and fish
Favorite Movie The Land Before Time, Splash
Favorite Holiday Christmas, Easter
Favorite Music Group Enya, NF, Ray LaMontagne
Favorite Book Contemplative Prayer
Favorite Subject in School Leadership, art, science
Dream Vacation Family-friendly cruise

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