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Family Type: Heterosexual Couple
Children: No
Location: KY
Religion: Christian
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dear expectant mother

Words can't describe how brave and selfless you are. We can't imagine the emotions you are feeling. Your baby is so blessed to have a mother like you, who is considering making the sacrifice you are. We believe all things happen for a reason, and we will support you during this process. We wish everyone was as selfless as you. The world would be a much better place. We know this decision has taken a lot of thought. We want to thank you for choosing the best life possible for your child and giving somebody the chance to be parents that wouldn’t have that opportunity without you. We admire you.

Thank you for taking some time to get to know us. Know if we are chosen to raise your child they will never doubt they are loved and safe. They will have all the opportunities they need to be successful in life. They will be taught manners, morals, to be kind, and that hard work pays off. They will also have many laughs and fun times with cousins and friends. We know we’re biased, but we think there is no better place for a kid to grow and learn than on a farm. Family is everything, and we are so excited and honored at the thought of adding a new member for our whole family to love.

About Us

We are Nick and Krissy from Kentucky. We have been married 14 years and have known each other our whole lives. We work hard but also take time to have fun. We run a beef cow operation, and we own and operate an excavation business. While Krissy stays home and takes care of the home and farm, Nick goes out to run our excavation business. We enjoy camping, SxS riding, and watching basketball. Our favorite athlete to watch is our 11-year-old niece. When not doing any of the above, our favorite place to be is at home, where we enjoy the front porch, hanging out at the pool, grilling out, or taking an SxS ride around the farm or to visit neighbors. We are both always up for a good laugh and enjoy the small things life has to offer.

Our Home & Pets

We started building our home in September 2018 and moved in in June 2019. It is a three-story, four-bedroom, three-bath farmhouse. We live in the country down a long gravel road with plenty of wide-open spaces for kids to run and play. We have the best neighbors, who are like family. We feel so blessed to live where we do. The school district we live in is the same one we both attended and graduated from. We love our pets and have four dogs: Braylee (Yorkie), Gus (miniature Aussiedoodle), and Wrangler and Captain (Australian shepherds). We also have plenty of cows and chickens. Krissy’s family always told her growing up she would have a house full of dogs and kids. So far they have one part right.

Our Extended Family

We have the best supportive family. Krissy’s mother remembers every single holiday when it comes to her kids and grandkids and always makes sure it’s extra special. We all still get an Easter basket full of our favorite things as well as homemade baked goods for Valentine’s Day. Krissy’s stepdad is a great role model for our family and always supports us in all we do. Nick's parents share our love of farming and all things outdoors. We each have one brother, and Krissy has one stepsister. Combined, we have three nieces and three nephews.

Krissy has one grandmother still living, and all holidays and dinners still take place at her home. It's always a fun, special time. After dinner, the dinner table is cleared and it's time to play some cards, usually rook or 500 rummy.

All of our family lives within 15 to 20 minutes of each other. We are blessed to have our families. They all support us in all we do, including the journey of adoption. They are as excited as we are to have another family member to love and spoil.

What Led Us To Adoption

We have not been successful having biological children. All of our pregnancies have ended in miscarriages, but we have never lost faith that we would be parents in God’s timing. We have worked hard to build the life we have together and want to share it with children. That's what has led us here. The opportunity to add a bundle of joy who will be the center of our world excites us.

Fun Facts

About Krissy
Occupation Business owner/farmer
Education 4 years college
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Hibachi, Italian, butterscotch pie
Favorite Hobby Camping, gardening, SxS riding
Favorite Sport Basketball
Favorite Holiday Thanksgiving
Favorite TV Show Yellowstone, Cops
Favorite Subject in School Science
Favorite Tradition Labor Day cookout
Dream Vacation Driving out west with the camper
About Nick
Occupation Business owner/farmer
Education High school
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Steak, cheeseburger, chicken wings
Favorite Hobby Camping, SxS riding
Favorite Sport Baseball
Favorite Holiday 4th of July
Favorite TV Show Gold Rush, Yellowstone
Favorite Subject in School Math
Favorite Tradition Christmas breakfast
Dream Vacation Out West

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