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Family Type: Heterosexual Couple
Children: Yes
Location: OH
Religion: Non-denominational
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dear expectant mother

To a Loving Mother:

We are so happy and humbled that you took the time to review our profile. Words cannot express how much respect and admiration we feel toward you for making this difficult, selfless decision. Since we have adopted before, we know every adoption is different, so we want you to know we will be here for you in whatever way you are comfortable with.

If you entrust us to be your child’s parents, we promise to give them the best life possible. We will do that by giving them two parents who love each other and will model a healthy, loving relationship. They would also be getting two very loving, energetic siblings who can't wait to meet them. They would have many aunts, uncles, and cousins to have themed movie nights, carve pumpkins, bake Christmas cookies, and do so many more fun family activities with. We will give this child access to wonderful educational opportunities and take them to experience different cultures through our love of traveling. We frequently visit Alaska, which is our daughter’s birth state. We want her to know where she came from and will do the same for the next little one. Most important of all, we want you to know this child would always know they are safe and so very loved.

Wherever this journey takes you, we wish you nothing but peace and comfort.

With love,
Matt and Katie

About Us

We are Matt and Katie. We have been married for 11 years and have two beautiful children. Our love story began with a chance meeting on St. Patrick’s Day in 2010 when mutual friends invited us to a group event at a local pub. There was an instant spark, and after that night, we were inseparable. Matt is an outgoing social butterfly who works in wealth management. In his free time, he enjoys playing drums, softball, music, watching movies, and telling dad jokes to anyone who will listen. Katie has a bubbly personality and is always up to try something new. She is an ICU nurse. She enjoys playing board games, being outside, coaching the kids’ sports teams, and being adventurous. We always eat dinner together, show up to support each other's activities, and end our day with games, a family TV show, or just conversation about our day.

Our Home

We live in a very family-friendly subdivision surrounded by nice playgrounds and walking trails. We have a four-bedroom, two-story house with a finished basement. Kitkat is our beloved family pet; she is a six-year-old petite gray cat with a huge personality. We have a one-acre, fully fenced backyard our kids spend so much time running and playing in. We spend a lot of time camping out there, roasting smores on the firepit, playing basketball on our half court, and (Maddie’s favorite hobby) bug hunting. We live outside a large city, so we are 25 minutes away from a wide array of activities. We have passes to the local amusement park, zoo, and children’s museum. Landon goes to elementary school, and Madeline goes to preschool; both are about five minutes from our house.

Our Extended Family

Matt has two younger sisters, and both are married. Between them, they have two little boys (ages three and one) and a nine-year-old girl. Matt has many aunts, uncles, cousins (who have children between the ages of two to 12 years old), and a cherished grandmother. Matt’s mother “Mimi” can be seen sneaking the kids treats and running around the house after them. She truly knows how to make them feel special. We frequently attend family dinners, cousin nights, and outings to the zoo.

Katie has a younger brother and sister, both are married. So far we have one nephew (age four), but we have been told to expect more in the future! We get together at least once a week. Katie and her brother-in-law coach Maddie and her cousin’s soccer team, and everyone comes out to support them. We have many traditions, like Christmas cookie baking, pumpkin carving, Easter egg hunting, themed movie nights, an annual summer family vacation, and many more. There are also many aunts, uncles, and cousins. Katie’s parents are very loving grandparents. “Nana” is retired and lives close by. She loves to spend quality time with the kiddos.

Both of our families are thrilled to know we are adopting!

Our Adoption Story

After delivering our son, Katie had a sudden medical complication that meant she could no longer have biological children. It took years for the shock to wear off, but when it did, we sought alternative ways to build the big family we had always dreamed of. From the first conversation with Angel, we knew we were right where we were meant to be. In 2020 we adopted our beautiful daughter, Madeline. We have so much gratitude and respect for her birthparents. We let them guide our relationship and send updates and pictures whenever they ask. We have so much more love to give another sweet baby, so we came back to Angel in hopes of completing our family.

Fun Facts

About Katie
Occupation ICU nurse
Education Master’s degree
Race Caucasian
Favorite Hobby Coaching my kids’ sports teams, hiking, being outdoors
Favorite Movie Bridesmaids
Favorite Sport Basketball
Favorite Holiday Halloween
Favorite Music Group The Fray
Favorite TV Show Selling Sunset, Love Is Blind, The Office, Hell’s Kitchen
Favorite Tradition Family Halloween costumes & trick-or-treating
Dream Vacation The Great Barrier Reef in Australia
About Matt
Occupation Wealth management
Education Associate degree
Race Caucasian
Favorite Hobby Watching/playing sports, fishing, golfing
Favorite Movie Top Gun: Maverick
Favorite Sport Football
Favorite Holiday Christmas
Favorite Music Group Breaking Benjamin
Favorite TV Show Yellowstone
Favorite Tradition Pumpkin carving with family
Dream Vacation Backpack through Europe

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