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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
Children: No
Location: WI
Religion: Christian
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dear expectant mother

Dear Mom,

I have the deepest admiration and respect for your courageous decision you have made to consider an adoption plan. I am humbled you are considering me to love, protect, encourage, and raise your child.

I have always dreamed about being a parent, and I am eager to embark on this journey. I have a stable career and a comfortable home, and I am ready and willing to provide for your child financially, emotionally, and mentally. I have a strong support system in place, including friends and family who are excited to help love and share a life with your child.

I know this is a big decision for you, and I want to assure you that your child will be loved and cherished every day of their life if you choose me. I am excited about the opportunity to become a mother, and I am committed to providing a safe and loving environment. I am excited to welcome them into my life. I will respect and honor whichever type of adoption you choose.

Thank you for considering me. I truly hope you will entrust me with the wonderful responsibility of raising your child.

About Me

I am an independent woman with a bright smile, quick wit, and sense of humor. I find genuine joy in life. I am a corporate training manager teaching others about customer service, problem solving, and the leadership skills needed to help our customers. I love the people and the work I do as I help people grow. Fortunately my company allows us the opportunity to work from home most days with the flexibility to put family first. My favorite things are cooking, golfing, and spending as much time with my nieces and nephews as I can as a part of their daily lives. I cherish when the whole family gets together for holidays, hangs out at the lake in the summer, and celebrates birthdays. I love the outdoors, traveling, and finding new adventures. I look forward to and am overjoyed for the long-awaited new adventure of being a mom.

My Home & Pets

I live in a beautiful area on a lake in Wisconsin. The neighborhood is extremely family friendly and is an amazing place to grow up. I have the sweetest yellow Lab named Oscar. He loves belly rubs, spending time with my nieces and nephews, and walks. His brother, Roger, lives just down the road, and they love puppy play dates together. I have a four-bedroom home where my mom lives with me, so daily grandma snuggles would be included in your baby’s day, and my family is always over visiting. The area is filled with fun either enjoying the winter on the frozen lake, walking down our dead-end road onto the trails, or boating in the sun throughout the summer.

My Extended Family

My family treasures spending time and laughing together. I have two sisters and ten nieces and nephews. Our family is very close, and we spend as much time together as possible. I love to see them learn and grow and to make memories with them, from going on field trips to coaching their baseball, soccer, and basketball teams, decorating cookies, and making our own pizza.

Seeing our family together in the cheering section is a common occurrence at whichever sport or activity my nephews are currently involved in. We love spending the weekends swimming, paddle boarding, and boating on the lake and ending with a big family dinner.

Celebrating all the holidays and our traditions is a part of life we all value. On Thanksgiving, we share what we are most thankful for. We all do a Secret Santa on Christmas Eve and then have a sleepover. The next morning everyone wakes up to a tree surrounded by presents. During the summer, we have bean bag tournaments and other yard games while enjoying our time together. Watching fireworks over the lake on the Fourth of July is always a highlight. Being together and hearing the laughs and seeing the love of our big family is what makes me happiest.

What Led Me To Adoption

It’s been my dream to be a mom! They say it takes a village, and I’ve been honored to be part of such an amazing village. Spending time with my nieces and nephews taught me so much about being a mom and opened my eyes to so much joy. Now I look forward to continuing that joy. My nieces and nephews are so excited about a new cousin, and I have been hearing nonstop about all the things they are going to teach the new addition. Although a single parent, I have a strong, loving, and supportive village that would do anything for me and our family. I can’t wait to give our new addition so much love.

Fun Facts

About Erin
Occupation Training Manager
Education Employee Development Manager
Race Caucasian
Favorite Food Tacos, pizza, sushi
Favorite Hobby Golfing, drawing, biking
Favorite Movie Avatar, Hocus Pocus
Favorite Sport Baseball, football, volleyball
Favorite Music Group P!nk, Brett Young
Favorite Subject in School English, Spanish
Favorite Tradition Sunday night family dinners
Dream Vacation Kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland

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