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Family Type: Heterosexual Couple
Children: No
Location: SC
Religion: Christian
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dear expectant mother

Dear Expectant Mother,

Our journey to grow our family has been difficult but nothing compared to the decision you are currently faced with: choosing the adoptive parents to raise your child. We are incredibly grateful you are considering us to be the adoptive parents for your child.

If you ultimately choose us to raise your child, we will make every effort to provide your child with as many opportunities as they grow up as possible. We both have doctoral degrees and take education seriously. We will make sure your child goes to the best elementary and high school in our area, whether public or private. Your child will be able to experience many different cultures, will be well traveled, and will grow up in a trilingual household (English, Greek, and Spanish)! We travel to Greece and Colombia yearly to visit family and travel to fun locations for work-related conferences. Just last summer, we traveled to Spain, Portugal, and England.

We live in a beautiful coastal city with plenty of outdoor activities for your child to participate in. Our neighborhood consists of many young families with small children, and we look forward to supporting your child as they make friends and develop their own personality.

Thank you so much for your consideration, and whether you choose us or not to raise your child, we are praying for you, your baby, and your decision!

Alexi and Leidy

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About Us

Leidy has a kind and loving personality. She is a chemical engineer. Her hobbies include tango and salsa dancing, riding her bike, yoga, jogging, and studying Greek. Alexi is fun-loving and caring. He is an associate professor of economics and enjoys his research and teaching. His hobbies include going to the gym and playing soccer. He is a big college football fan. Daily activities that we do together include jogging to a local park that is near a beautiful river with fantastic views of container ships. During the weekend, we both enjoy going for walks or swims at nearby beaches before going to eat boiled shrimp and other seafood! There are several restaurants in their neighborhood, and we enjoy going out to eat with friends during the weekend.

Our Home

We recently moved to South Carolina and bought a newly constructed home. It has four bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and a cute backyard. We are very excited about our neighborhood. It is within walking distance of many trendy restaurants and some scenic parks. Several parks in the neighborhood have playground equipment for children, and young families congregate at these parks daily. The house is less than a 30-minute drive to downtown and several beaches. We plan to send our child to private schools in the area as they are relatively better than the public schools.

Our Extended Family

Leidy has one older sister. She is married with one child, our nephew. Leidy’s extended family is large. She has over 20 aunts and uncles and nearly 50 first cousins. When we visit Colombia, Leidy, her parents, and Alexi typically visit Leidy’s sister, who lives about one hour outside the city in a beautiful country home. Often several cousins, aunts, and uncles will also come to visit. During these family reunions, we make sancocho, a meat and veggie stew, in a giant cauldron over a fire pit outside.

Alexi’s family is not as large as Leidy’s family. He has one older sister. We enjoy going for walks on the beach or downtown with his parents and trying new restaurants around town. We also see Alexi’s parents every summer in Greece as they have retired and spend several months every year traveling around Greece. Alexi has about ten total cousins and sees them in Greece and during family reunions.

What Led Us To Adoption

The journey to grow our family has been incredibly difficult, lasting more than eight years. We tried to have a biological child, and after many unsuccessful trips to the fertility clinic, it was clear the path meant for us to grow our family was through adoption. We tried to adopt from Colombia since Leidy is from there. Unfortunately, we started that process one or two months before the pandemic, which brought the international adoption process to a standstill. We have recently moved to South Carolina, and our desire to become parents has only gotten stronger. We are so excited and hopeful!

Fun Facts

About Alexi
Occupation Economics Professor
Education PhD - Economics
Race Caucasian
Favorite Hobby Running, soccer
Favorite Movie The Usual Suspects
Favorite Sport Soccer
Favorite Music Group Red Hot Chili Peppers
Favorite TV Show The Sopranos
Favorite Book Siddhartha
Favorite Tradition Cookouts
Dream Vacation Going to visit family in Greece
About Leidy
Occupation Chemical Engineer
Education PhD in Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Race Hispanic
Favorite Hobby Dancing tango
Favorite Movie Life Is Beautiful
Favorite Sport Volleyball
Favorite Music Group Shakira
Favorite TV Show Friends
Favorite Book The Egyptian
Favorite Tradition Cookouts
Dream Vacation Going to visit family in Colombia

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