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  • Baby Girl Taylor Nevaeh

    No strangers to adoption, Jacob and Sulah returned to Angel for a second adoption four years after they adopted their daughter. Fully prepared for the wait time and the potential ups and downs, they were connected with their daughter's birthmother and adopted in 12 months! Sulah, Jacob, and their daughter's birthmother spent the latter part of 2017 getting to know each other. They were even able to visit her in early November and spend time with her and her kids. Sulah and Taylor's birthmother were able to spend ample time together the day Taylor was born, savoring those final moments together. Taylor Nevaeh was born December 29, 2017, Angel's last baby born in 2017! All of our best wishes to this new family of four as they head into 2018!

  • Baby Girl Hannah Isabelle

    We truly believe that what's meant to be will always find a way. Shortly after their time with Angel had ended, an expectant mother contacted us fully in love with Michelle and David's profile that she had received when she originally contacted us months prior. Angel reached out to Michelle and David to explain the unique situation, and they were completely on board with building a relationship and seeing where this journey took them. Between a move, updating their home study, and getting to know their daughter's birthmother, it was a busy fall for Michelle and David! Sweet Hannah Isabelle was the most wonderful Christmas gift for Michelle and David, born December 22, 2017. We are grateful that Michelle and David remained so open-minded and to Hannah's birthmother for giving them the most special gift of all!

  • Baby Girl Vivian

    Over a very quick month, Adrienne and Chadd built a relationship with their daughter's birthmother and welcomed their daughter, Vivian, into the world on December 22, 2017. Christmas 2017 will be one that Chadd and Adrienne will forever remember as the Christmas they grew to be a family of three, thanks to Vivian's strong and courageous birthmother.

  • Baby Boy Wesley Philip

    Aubrey and Geoff were prepared for the long wait that adoption sometimes entails, but to their surprise, they found themselves working with an expectant mother after only six months. Their son's birthmother had originally contacted Angel in October, unsure of her adoption plan, and ultimately decided adoption was not right for her. Only a few weeks later, she contacted Angel to let us know she was prepared to move forward and loved Aubrey and Geoff's profile. Geoff was deployed at the time, so Aubrey spent a handful of weeks communicating with their son's birthmother and relaying the relationship back to him. Wesley Philip was born December 19, 2017, and met his adoptive mom just days later! It was a quick and emotional relationship, but what a wonderful time for Aubrey, Geoff, Wesley, and Wesley's birthmother!

  • Baby Boy Elliot James Bennett

    When Corey and Rita's son's birthmother first saw their profile online, she felt an instant connection with their photos and knew they were the right family for her child. While their contact was minimal, their conversations remained positive and they were able to find out a bit about her life and her wishes for her child. Elliot James Bennett was born December 14, 2017, and met his adoptive parents just after his entrance into the world! It may have taken 20 months to meet their son, but every minute of waiting was worth it. Congratulations to Corey and Rita on the adoption of Elliot!

  • Baby Boy Bex Randal Isaac

    Through the ups and downs of adoption and one failed connection, Serina and Jace remained hopeful that adoption was the best path for growing their family. They first spoke with their son's birthmother in the Fall of 2017, and spent the remainder of the year walking through her pregnancy together. Bex Randal Isaac was born December 7, 2017, and instantly loved by Serina and Jace. While their adoption journey wasn't always smooth, we are thankful they kept their hearts open to adoption and their son's birthmother! Congratulations to this new family of three.

  • Baby Girl Kyrie Jade

    Oftentimes it takes just one phone call for life to change. This was the case for Jason and Heidi. Angel reached out to Jason and Heidi on December 7, 2017, letting them know a baby girl had been born that morning in Ohio, and if they were open to the last-minute, cross-country travel, their daughter was waiting! Their daughter's birthmother had been in and out of contact with Angel previously, but ultimately contacted us about the adoption from the hospital. Heidi and Jason were quick to get things in order and headed to Ohio to meet their daughter. Kyrie Jade was born December 7, 2017, and met her adoptive parents just a day later. The timeline for adoption can be unpredictable, from mothers that contact after delivery to families whose lives change in an instant. We are forever thankful to Kyrie's birthmother for choosing adoption and are over the moon for Jason and Heidi and their new bundle of joy!

  • Baby Boy Clyde

    While their time with Angel was only a short nine months, we loved helping Chase and Constanza throughout their adoption journey. Chase and Constanza first connected with their son's birthmother in August 2017, communicating through text messages. In August, they made the trip to Arizona to meet her in person and were able to attend an ultrasound appointment with her. Just days before her due date, they flew to Arizona once more to spend the final days of her pregnancy together. Clyde was born December 4, 2017, happy and healthy as could be! What a wonderful way for Chase and Constanza to end their 2017!

  • Baby Boy Beau

    Mayra and Brian had very little time to spend getting to know their son's birthmother before she delivered on November 30, 2017! Baby Beau met his adoptive parents shortly after birth. We are forever thankful to Beau's birthmother for considering an adoption plan. Congratulations to Mayra and Brian and their growing family!

  • Baby Girl Marissa Ann

    Through six failed adoptions, Kelly and Charles continued to remain hopeful that the adoption process would work for them when the time was right. Kelly and Charles' world turned upside down when we presented them with a baby girl, who was born on November 27, 2017, and waiting to meet her adoptive parents! They were quick to move forward and were able to meet their daughter, Marissa Ann, on November 28, just one day after she was born. Kelly was able to meet Marissa's birthmother and express her gratitude for choosing adoption. Everyone's adoption path is different and through all the ups and downs, we are forever thankful that Kelly and Charles continued to stay positive! Congratulations!