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  • Baby Girl Riley Nicole

    After some failed connections, Heather and Lesha remained positive, knowing that the timing had to be perfect. In December 2017, Heather and Lesha were selected by a couple that knew adoption was the best choice for their daughter. All four parents were able to spend the end of 2017 and early 2018 building a loving relationship that will forever benefit their daughter. Riley Nicole was born on February 19, 2018, and was able to spend her first days of life with both her birthparents and adoptive parents. For Heather and Lesha, the failed connections were a blessing in disguise because they led them straight to Riley and her birthparents, who are family now.

  • Baby Girl Preslee Rae

    After connecting with their daughter's birthmother, Chris and Aimee remained in contact with her through the final trimester of her pregnancy. Chris and Aimee's daughter, Preslee Rae, was born February 15, 2018, and she is the light of their life. Congratulations to Chris and Aimee on their newest family member!

  • Baby Girl Emma Jean

    Duane and Chanelle spent the better part of their daughter's birthmother's pregnancy getting to know her and her birthfather. They were able to visit with both birthparents in November 2017. Just before her scheduled C-section, they headed to Washington to spend some time together. Emma Jean was born on February 8, 2018, already loved by so many! Congratulations to Duane and Chanelle who adopted in six short months!

  • Baby Boy Jaxon Michael

    It's always special when both birthparents work together to create an adoption plan and that's exactly what Jaxon's story is like. Jaxon's birthparents contacted Angel in early 2018, considering adoption for their baby due in March. They started building a relationship with Lisa and Nicolai, assuming they had plenty of time before their son's arrival. Much to everyone's surprise, Jaxon's birthmother had an emergency delivery just days after their first contact! Jaxon was born January 15, 2018, and spent his first days getting stronger by the minute. Both of Jaxon's birthparents remained in contact with Lisa and Nicolai while they focused their attention on helping Jaxon grow. On February 7, Lisa and Nicolai made arrangements to head to Arizona and meet their son. It was love at first sight and they haven't looked back since! Lisa and Nicolai were gracious and loving towards Jaxon's birthparents, even when they weren't sure what the future may hold. Jaxon is blessed to have both his birthparents and adoptive parents that love him so dearly.

  • Baby Boy Braylon Cass Jay

    When Travis & Jessa's son's birthmother first contacted Angel, she fell in love with their profile, but was prepared to speak with the family just then. Travis and Jessa trusted Angel to walk with her through the process. Thankfully, they did not have to wait long to meet her OR their son! Braylon was born January 30, 2018, and met his adoptive parents and big brother just days later. Braylon's middle name, Cass, is in honor of his strong and loving birthmother that both Travis and Jessa were able to meet just before discharge. Angel is forever thankful for the women that have the strength to create an adoption plan and the loving families that open their hearts to adoption!

  • Baby Girl Arabella Joy

    For every successful adoption, there is a loving birthmother that made the courageous choice to contact Angel. Jenny and Jesse's daughter's birthmom contacted Angel just weeks before her due date, with the support of her sister. She felt an instant connection with Jenny and Jesse's profile. They started with a phone conversation one weekend and continued with text messages throughout the week. Jenny and Jesse were able to be in the delivery room when their daughter, Arabella (Bell) Joy, was born on January 24, 2018. Jenny, Jesse, and Bell spent their first days together with Bell's birthmother before introducing Bell to her big sister, who was also adopted! What a wonderful family story Jenny and Jesse have to share, to adopt not only once, but twice!

  • Baby Girl Isabella June

    Angela and Erik became first-time parents on January 20, 2018, when Isabella June was born! Angela and Erik first connected with their daughter's birthmother in November 2017, and made the cross-country trip just months later for Isabella's entrance into the world. Congratulations to this new family of three!

  • Baby Boy Logan

    After a successful first adoption with their daughter, Donna and Dawn returned to Angel to grow their family again. Through a few failed connections, they remained faithful and positive, and we are so thankful they did! In a quick turn of events, Donna and Dawn connected with their son's birthmother on a Friday afternoon and by the following Sunday, January 7, 2018, their baby boy Logan was born. They were quick to head to Florida to meet their son and embrace his birthmother. They started the weekend without a son and ended the weekend as a family of four! Angel is sending warm wishes and happy thoughts to these two mommies and Angel's newest big sister!

  • Baby Boy James Daniel

    With no time to spare, Emily and Peter hopped on a plane from Missouri to California one Sunday afternoon to meet their newest addition, James Daniel! James was born January 6, 2018, and met Emily and Peter just days later. Emily and Peter adopted their older son from Angel three years ago, so they were prepared for the last-minute decision making that adoption sometimes requires. We want to send the biggest thank you to James' birthmom for choosing adoption and a huge congratulations to Emily and Peter for growing their family through adoption a second time!

  • Baby Girl Emma

    After a quick connection with their birthmother, Maria and Pierre welcomed their sweet baby girl, Emma, on January 5, 2018! They feel blessed to have her in their life. Congratulations to Pierre and Maria — we know that 2018 will be a magical year for your new family!